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A Message from Dr. Robert Moore – with Audio Address

by adminmkpusa on August 13, 2014

Robert Moore: New Warrior, professor, speaker, and author of “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine,” “The Archetype of Initiation,” “Facing the Dragon: Confronting Personal and Spiritual Grandiosity,” along with over 12 other volumes on Psychology, myth, gender, and masculinity, has recently reached out to men in the MKP Chicago Community to make a request.

He is checking in to the hospital on Thursday August 14, 2014 for by-pass surgery, and has asked for prayers and thoughts from his New Warrior Brothers around the world. Please forward all communication to

Recently, Dr. Moore gave an address to the men of the ManKind Project Chicago. The address is available in 2 formats – abridged audio and full audio.

Abridged audio here. (1hour:04minutes audio quality is poor for the first 3+ minutes)

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Full audio here. (1hour:35minutes)

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A note from long-time Certified Training Leader Rob Johnson in Chicago: 


Dr. Robert L. Moore, Present Lion, of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover fame has asked me to serve as a communication conduit to let you all know about his upcoming cardiac bypass surgery and keep you apprised of his progress and to receive any replies, well wishes, and prayers you might have for him.  We have set up the address for this purpose.  He has requested that you use only this method to contact him at this time.

Robert wishes to convey his dedication to our work.  We can expect to see him more involved with the Project following his surgery than he has been in the past.  In addition to providing significant psychological underpinnings for our work, amongst his most prominent contributions are these:  Robert gave an address to the New Warrior Network in Windsor in July of 1995.  Here is a link to my transcription of that address:  Masculine Initiation for the 21st Century.  Moore was also in the room, along with his long time colleague Don Jones and other attendees, to craft the New Warrior Identity statement:  We are an Order of Men called to Reclaim the Sacred Masculine for our time through Initiation, Training, and Action in the World.

Here is the data to date regarding his surgery:

A few weeks ago his doctors at Northwestern in Chicago became concerned that he might have some partially blocked cardiac arteries.  They performed an angioplasty last week and were hoping that they could put in some stints.  They were unable to do so.

Subsequently he consulted with a prominent warrior brother physician here in Chicago and decided to seek treatment at the Cleveland Clinic.  He now has an appointment on Friday (8/15) for pre-op tests and has surgery scheduled for Monday morning (8/18).  His doctor is Dr. Bruce Lytle.

I received the following from his wife Dr. Margaret Shanahan:

Well we are off to Cleveland Clinic Thurs.
Pre-op Friday and Surgery Monday
We are uncertain of how long ….no one will commit to dates (of course) so we have a hotel until the end of August.
Flying or driving? we’ll figure out tomorrow.
Both of us will see many of those who need to know about changes, etc. Most likely a 10-12 hour day.
Let’s check in on the other side.
Pray there is the other side.


Please keep them in your prayers for the next few weeks.

Blessing to all,

Rob Johnson
Moose and Squirrel
July ’92, Chicago


Over the last 20 years Moore has been a major supporter and advocate for the work of the ManKind Project. We are indebted to Dr. Moore for his incredible work in helping define and map the male psyche.

Many Blessings and Rapid Recovery!

Glenn Barker, MKP Chicago, and the MKP USA Staff


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