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2014 Ron Hering Award Nominations

by adminmkpusa on December 3, 2014

2014 Ron Hering Mission of Service Awards

Do you know a man in your community who stands out by living his life in Mission?  Here is a chance to honor that man!

The 16th Annual Ron Hering Mission of Service Awards will be presented to one man or group of men (such as an Integration Group) from each Region/Center/Area who is breathing life into a Mission of Service outside the ManKind Project.

Ron Hering was one of the original founders of MKP and this award was established in his name to honor those among us who are living their missions through action in the world. The Award is a very handsome plaque and will be posted out to the destination of your choice.

The process the Regions/Centers/Areas use for nominating a man or men is being left to each Region/Center/Area — each having its own system for nomination and selection. The Elder Community has stepped up in many Regions/Centers//Areas to spearhead this effort.  Contact your Region/Center/Area Director to find out who the point man.

You will need to supply the following information via the webform:

  1. Recipient’s Name – How he would like it to appear on the plaque
  2. Recipient’s Animal Name
  3. Recipient’s Mission
  4. Recipient’s Contact Information
  5. Region/Center/Area Name – How you would like it to appear on the plaque
  6. One paragraph description of the mans work in the world for which he is being honored –  less than 150 words.
  7. Short summary of the man’s work – less than 30 words (to be read at the awards ceremony)
  8. Brief personal bio of recipient – less than 50 words
  9. Good color photo of the man or men, if possible have one taken for this purpose. The image should then be transferred to a digital format, either JPG, or GIF. The digital image should be within the range of 3 x 4 inches, either in portrait or landscape.It can then be uploaded via the webform.
  10. Permission from the man to make this information public at the Award Ceremony [more on this below], on our website and in the media (TV, Newspaper, Radio).
  11. A mailing address for the award to be posted out to (this can be done directly to the man or ideally to a community representative who will then coordinate its presentation at a local honouring ceremony).



For questions about the submission process, please email

The Ron Hering Award Ceremony will take place Online in March 2015 via live web conference:

Tuesday March 3, 2015 at 7pm EST (UTC -5) (show my time)
Wednesday March 4, 2015 at 2pm EST (UTC -5) (show my time)

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