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The ManKind Project USA is proud to announce the next phase in our roll-out of Mastering Mature Masculinity Coaching, a dedicated Coaching program harnessing tools and skills of the New Warrior with proven mastery in coaching demonstrated over decades of successful practice.

The ManKind Project is blessed to have among our brotherhood some truly incredible power-house master coaches. These are men who:

  • Went through a New Warrior Training Adventure initiation
  • Spent years in the alchemy of integrating the wounds of their past with the golden possibilities in their present
  • Moved on to actively manifesting mission and unconditional love into the world
  • Were able to transcend and include their experiences to create a mature masculine presence to guide others
  • Have, for years, devoted themselves to practicing their craft

MKP USA has brought a small group of these master coaches together to launch this program. The roll-out is led by Jan Hutchins (NorCal Ritual Elder, Past Board Member, and Master Coach) who has spent the past 3 months beta-testing through direct outreach to men across the ManKind Project USA.

This coaching is intended primarily (but not exclusively) for men who have completed the New Warrior Training Adventure and who are high-functioning and looking to up-level and more fully manifest their gifts in the world.

Go to the Mastering Mature Masculinity Coaching page to learn more and to schedule your 55 minute evaluation session.

This new program is only one of the incredible new offerings and events that MKP will be working on in 2017.

Stay Tuned!

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Equitable Communities Initiative Launches

December 23, 2016

Greetings Brothers and Friends, We are writing to connect with you. We are aware that some of you have been waiting for news on MKP USA’s intentional efforts to systematically create equitable community within the Project. Others of you have no idea what we are talking about. The purpose of this letter to introduce the […]

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Chairman’s Report 2016 – Julien Devereux

December 10, 2016

MKP USA Annual Report 2016 by Julien Devereux Summary 2016 was a challenging year as we progressed along the continuum from Unification to Integration of all regions, communities, areas and societies into one cohesive but diverse global brotherhood. This process has had challenges but we are moving closer each day to evolving, integrating and sustaining […]

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How Broad is Our Embrace

November 16, 2016

I’m sitting with the outcome of the recent National Election. I supported the candidate that lost. So, I am grieving, as humans do, the loss of something that I wanted that I didn’t get. After breaking through the denial, I was angry, began to bargain about whose fault it was and what could have been […]

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