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Northern California’s Donavan Rae Announced as Chair Elect for 2019. 

Donavan said, “I am so honored and humbled to have been elected to the position of Chair Elect. I am very excited to work with Paul and Ed, as well as the various circles of MKPUSA, moving through 2019 and into 2020. My mantra moving forward is ‘Be the Change YOU want to see.‘”

The Chair Elect role is voted on by a group of electors including the MKP USA Board and the ManKind Project Founders after an extensive vetting and interview process is held. As Chair Elect, Rae will begin sitting in a number of MKP USA’s Holacracy Circles in preparation for taking the Chair in 2020. The Chair Elect has the opportunity to lead and support ongoing projects and to take actions he feels will be of benefit to the mission of MKP USA. The role carries significant responsibility and also offers a powerful laboratory for a man to step into leadership and legacy through service to an internationally recognized training and support organization for men.

In his candidate questionnaire, Rae said, “I wish to see the organization grow in both new participants and new membership from men, women, and other organizations that support our ideals.”

2019 MKP USA Chair Paul Samuelson said, “I am very excited to see Donavan step up to serve in this role. He’s a passionate and clear-headed New Warrior with rich experience as a leader in business and as a Certified NWTA Leader.

The ManKind Project USA has adopted a ‘tri-chair’ model of leadership. The current Chair, Paul Samuelson, the Immediate Past Chair, Ed Gurowitz, and the Chair Elect, Donavan Rae, will meet frequently and share the burden, responsibilities, and blessings of the Chair in MKP USA.

I’m thrilled that MKP USA is continuing to build our community of past Chairs. It feels natural and normal now to have four or more of the past Chairs still standing shoulder to shoulder moving us forward. This offers a truly rare opportunity to work with a group of wise, accomplished, and powerful men as mentors.” said Samuelson. 

Donavan Rae grew up in Northern California. He attended drafting and trade school in Phoenix and started a drafting company with a partner in Phoenix. He obtained his Associates degree in Math and Physics, and a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from CalPoly. He obtained Civil Engineer licensure with concentration on structural design and then worked for a large engineering firm doing schools, hospitals, high and low rise structures. After moving to Truckee/Reno, he eventually became a Partner at MWA, Inc. an Architectural and Engineering firm.

Donavan attended the NWTA at Camp Augusta in Northern California in September 2008. He was certified as an NWTA Co-Leader on February 2016 and certified as a Leader Trainer for ST-1 trainings in February 2018, for LT-1 trainings in June 2018 and LT-2 trainings in December 2018. He’s staffed 56 NWTA’s, 17 as a Co-Leader including GBTQ Gateways and the Intermountain Area’s Outdoor Gateway. This summer he will staff MKP USA’s first “Barrier Free” NWTA for men with disabilities.

Welcome Donavan!