2050 Strategic Plan Listening Sessions

The MKP USA Lead Organizational Circle created a Project called “2050 Strategic Plan Drafted.” This project will create a long term strategic plan to guide MKP USA’s vision, growth, direction, and mission for the next 30 years. In addition, this Project will produce an interim 2025 Strategic Plan on the way to the 2050 Plan.

We need your help. Your input is the qualitative data from which we will draft MKP USA’s 2050 strategic plan.

The 2050 Strategic Plan will draw from the widest possible listening into the wisdom, experience, and vision of hundreds of people throughout MKP USA and beyond, including friends from our brother and sister organizations.

Thank you in advance for participating.

Confidentiality: Your responses are confidential. The data will be reviewed by the 2050 team. The 2050 team will aggregate data and only refer to any comment or input you make anonymously. The “who” will be separated from the “what” of the comment.

The 2050 team is committed to transparency with the questions we ask, and data from those questions that drives the 2050 plan will be transparently shared.

A brief introduction to the 2050 Project with Jon Levitt.