Concepts & Tools for Effective Learning & Teaching

We’re all life-time learners. And we all learn differently.

This three session course will give you an opportunity to explore the basics of Adult Learning concepts with an eye to the methods and practices we use in the ManKind Project’s in-person and online curriculum.

What is the intended outcome of this training?

You will better understand learning styles and techniques in adults.

Many of us are wounded by early childhood experiences and don’t have a grasp on basics of learning styles. You will have more skills and competence to address a wide variety of learners and situations. You will be qualified to work more consciously with MKP processes; improve teaching, learning, and facilitation in your circles.

Adult Learning Pedagogy

Pedagogy; (n) the method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept.

What is it?

The Introduction to Adult Learning curriculum provides basic orientation to learning principles, styles, and methods; for trainers at every level of the ManKind Project USA. It’s intended to help trainers and learners with a more methodical understanding of how adult learning works in general, and in MKP in particular.

Who is it for?

This 3 week course is a mixed gender container for anyone involved in facilitation and learning leadership. If you are looking for language to describe learning and teaching, this is a great primer. If you are looking to share space with other facilitators and teachers to talk about what works (and what doesn’t work), this is a space to do that.

This training is three sessions for $75.


Adult Learning Basics – Discover how learning and teaching are trainable skills and that adult learning is different from other kinds. Learn some of the language and definitions used in adult learning. 


MKP Learning Methods – Dive in to how MKP uses specific techniques for learning and within its trainings and circles and how you can incorporate them into your training repertoire.


MKP Training Arcs – Continue the exploration of teaching methods, and explore the full range of MKP trainings, how to plan an MKP Learning Path and how to become more involved in MKP trainings.

Your Learning Guides

Initiated: November 2001
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