Chairman’s Campaign

Purpose: to generate $165,000

Target audience:those individuals who have contributed substantially in the past ($600 or more), as well as foundations, trusts and men and women of significant means.

This is about filling the gap in our budget for this year.

For 10 years this has been a large part of our yearly operating budget. We are still alive because generous men have supported our survival every year. As we move further into the process of re-invention, the Chairman’s Campaign is evolving into a Capital Campaign, aimed at strategic goals. Today we will still need the help of our members to function within our yearly budget.

This is about re-inventing MKP USA by

  1. creating a lasting legacy for the ManKind Project USA and the generations to come
  2. embracing a unique opportunity to have a broad impact for thousands of men
  3. investing in the potential for long-lasting cultural change based in values and bonded human connections
  4. investing in a safer society and better institutions for our children and our children’s children.

Please help by contributing today.

Below is a letter from David Bauerly, Chairman of MKP USA

Dear Men,

Looking back over the last eighteen months, we’ve achieved a great deal within a climate of intense economic and culture adversity.

Allow me to share just a few achievements with you.

But just before I do, I want to focus your attention on a man who has powerfully impacted the future of this organization.

Dan Pecaut is truly “a man among men.” One of the largest financial contributors to the reforming and reshaping of MKP, he is also a leader with cutting edge ideas, state of the art thinking and brilliant creativity.

Dan was one of the first two men to give $10,000 to the Fund the Plan Campaign.  The impact from Fund the Plan is enabling the changes I will share with you.

Dan’s powerful commitment of his personal financial resources helped make our Fund the Plan campaign the most successful fundraising effort in the history of MKP.

Although normally a very private individual, Dan has a powerful story about how he came to contribute another $50,000. I find it inspiring, as I believe you will.

I am humbled and proud to call Dan my friend. Every time I read this story, tears come to my eyes,  because it touches the essence of our work – healing the hearts of men.

If your time is limited, I urge you to come back to my letter later. Go right to Dan’s letter. You will find a lot of wisdom. It is a very tender heartfelt story. You can read the letter by clicking on the image. 



Although the learning opportunities have been challenging and bruising for my ego, the honor of serving as your Chair has been an incredible gift. I would not trade a moment of it for anything.  I want to share with you how proud I am of the progress and possibility we are creating.

With the addition of paid staff, new ways of managing teams, and several significant advances in our technical systems, we are reaching our active membership more effectively than ever before.

We’re creating a two way communication with members – not only informing them of what we are doing but asking “How are we doing?”, “What can we do better?” and “What is important to you?”

This new communication is one way we’re “upping our game”, our commitment to increasing professionalism.  Other victories to mark:

  • Our finances are in the hands of a top flight accounting firm.
  • David Lang, our new Executive Director, is on board and already applying his experience as a nonprofit executive to improve the management of the project.
  • Keith Jarvis has moved into the position of Administration Systems Director to apply his able skills to a wider array of challenges.
  • John Bacon, our new IT Director, is implementing powerful new systems for us rather just patching the old ones!
  • Boysen Hodgson, our Marketing and Communications Director, is now on full time staff, expanding our reach through professional, strategic marketing.

All of this refocused energy and deepened commitment is following the recommendations proposed by the Stanford Alumni Consulting Team.

  • With research and the recommendations from the team of Stanford MBA graduates as a foundation, we set a bold course to revitalize, professionalize and restructure from top to bottom – from the I-Group to the Executive.
  • We re-launched our Leadership Training Series with an expanded curriculum, long term follow-up programs and a comprehensive framework for developing additional trainings.  Our new Staff Trainings help men deliver a more powerful, safe and integrated experience to initiates on the New Warrior Training Adventure AND powerful personal leadership in their own lives.
  • We made a huge shift from a USA based nonprofit with satellite international communities to a global movement – eight global regions sharing decision making power – MKP USA, Canada, UK, German Speaking Europe, French Speaking Europe, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.  A colleague of mine, with 35 years of organizational development experience heralds this as a stunning and remarkable achievement rarely made by nonprofit organizations.

NOW, we all must step up to expand enrollment and innovation so the lives of more men can be healed and their journey in life empowered. We face significant challenges as we move into our second generation of trainings for men. The landscape for personal growth is changing every day. With your support we will remain the premier training organization for men through the next 25 years.

  • Our challenges from the last several years inform the direction of our focused mandates for the future.  We rely on your continued solidarity and support. Stand with us as we ascend the road rising before us. Your continued support will help us expand enrollment – a critical need in this time when the lives of men are so deeply at risk!

Your gift of time and money makes a difference in the lives of individual men. Please help us fulfill our mission. We’re helping men grow, because the world needs grown up men.

Thanks to your generous past support, we are improving the running of the project while keeping our “soul” intact, relying on the heart, compassion and core values which make us unique and distinctive as an order of men called to reclaim the sacred masculine for our time.

We have a goal of $165,000 in the Chairman’s Campaign for 2011.

I want to thank you, in advance, for all the men “who get to walk through that door” thanks to you.  We know that their lives and our lives will never be the same!

My heart is open. I am listening to hear your voice and your ideas. I welcome a call from you
at 712-203-8884.  Until we connect again.


David Bauerly
Chairman, MKP USA
Contact me:

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