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On Sunday November 19, 2018, over 200 men and women will gather in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for the first Men and Masculinity Conference. The conference is a joint venture with a number of organizations working with men in Canada, the USA, and beyond. Representatives of both the ManKind Project Canada and the ManKind Project USA will be in attendance, with New Warrior Training Adventure Co-Leader David Robinson speaking about the Hero’s Journey and the ManKind Project.

The ManKind Project USA is proud to partner with a group of like-minded organizations dedicated to supporting and empowering men in service to our communities and planet. 

Boysen Hodgson, the Communications and Marketing Director for MKP USA said, “I’m thrilled that the ManKind Project Canada has men like David Robinson on the ground building the kinds of relationships that change culture.” he continued, “The conversation about healthy masculinity continues to grow, and it’s making a difference in how men are showing up in every aspect of our society.”

What is the Men and Masculinity Summit?

The Men and Masculinity Summit is a co-ed event is committed to engaging in the conversation regarding Men and Masculinity and self-development with the intent that you and yours will discover something that is useful to enhance your life. The goal of the conference is to deliver life altering content and awareness to you, so that you will engage in an exploration of self- discovery and create new conversations with those in your life.


Here are the speakers for this year’s event:

  • John Izzo will speak on Why Men and Why Now? Moving Towards a Healthy Masculinity
  • David Robinson from The Mankind Project of Canada who will be speaking on Living and Leading Joseph Campbells’ Hero’s Journey;
  • Ian French will create a passionate and moving performance of slam poetry;
  • Christine Hart will discuss Understanding the Opposite Sex in the Workplace;
  • Kevin Bruce Scott will talk on the 9 pillars of Integrity;
  • Stephen de Wit will speak on Sexual Freedom;
  • Carla Costa’s Ph.D. A Hero’s Uphill Climb-Why climb it?
  • Geoff Tomlinson on the value of Men’s Teams;

The Summit is a co-ed event open to everyone 18 years +, Men, Women, friends, family, colleagues, partners, and spouses will all be able to join us live in Toronto or via webcast.

Event Partners

  • The Men’s Initiative
  • Mankind Project USA
  • Mankind Project of Canada
  • Motomo
  • MDI – Mentor Discover Inspire
  • Return to the Fire
  • Heart Of Man Coaching
  • Art of Masculinity

Find out more / Register
Registration is open to all. If you would like more information on how you can get involved with the Men And Masculinity Summit, follow the #MenAndMasculinity17 conversation. Or reach out on Twitter, Facebook or

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