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Tools for Reconnection and Building Right Relationships

Knowing the Clearing Process … is Not Enough

Have you experienced a conflict in I-Group that led to men leaving the group… or leaving MKP? Many of us have experience demonstrating that a clearing is NOT a conflict resolution tool.

It was never designed to be that … and yet many of us have made the mistake of trying to use it to resolve conflict with another man. It’s kind of like trying to remove a screw with a hammer.

Some conflicts need a different approach.

Conflict Resolution Training moves us from I and You into WE.

This training fills a gap that we have known about in MKP for a long time by adding a simple conflict resolution process to the MKP “tool kit.” It pulls together modalities including Nonviolent Communication and reconciliation processes to offer a way forward when we experience interpersonal conflicts. 

The first principle, what this training is based on:
Conflict isn’t bad.

Conflict is welcome. Conflict is an opportunity. Without it we don’t grow and adapt. It’s an important way of building deeper trust. We can create spaces welcoming conflict and the certain knowledge that we have the tools.

This is for you if …

You have unresolved conflict with someone else that is leaving you feeling less safe and able to do your work.

Or if there are unresolved conflicts in your group that seem to keep getting swept aside. 

Are you ready to move through it?

I’ve been waiting twenty three years for MKP to develop this obviously needed gap in our toolbox. Many men have left our brotherhood, because there was no simple way to address issues in relationships since Couples training. I hope Igroups use this to create stronger containers with better boundaries, safety and mutual support. Thank you to the men who created and brought this to us!

Paul J.

I wish I had taken Introduction to Conflict Resolution years ago. It would have helped me work through conflicts in my life and in my I-group in a more constructive, “we” way. I was able to apply the new skills I learned immediately after the workshop in dealing with a conflict with my partner, and it helped us have a constructive conversation instead of a disagreement.

Wayne L.


This is an additional tool to use when clearings are not appropriate.

  • Learn to express discontent AND stay connected
  • Listen to Understand
  • Seek solutions together

Prerequisite knowledge and skills you’ll need for this training.

  • Know the difference between Data, Judgement, and Feelings
  • Know how projections and shadows obscure issues and contribute to conflict
  • Basic emotional and responsibility ownership skills
  • Basic Shield skills
  • Basic listening and facilitation skills

This is a single session 3 1/2 hour training for men who have taken the NWTA.

Your Leadership Guides

Initiated: April 2012
Life Coach and Facilitator

I have been involved in experiential personal growth work since 2010. I joined The ManKind Project in 2012 and have been involved at multiple levels ever since, including membership in several curriculum design teams.
Initiated: December 2017
Life Coach & Speaker

I am a relationship coach helping men struggling with empowered, compassionate communication. I have 20 years experience as a certified life coach, an MSW and extensive training in Nonviolent Communication. I live in Los Angeles where I enjoy hiking and playing harmonica.
Initiated: October 2019
Artist, Father, Husband, Brother.

I am curious about the relationship between preconception and perception, and the potential of interactivity engages me in all my roles— artistic, educational, and otherwise. I have been imperfectly practicing conflict resolution for decades, as an artist, a stay-at-home dad, and as a human, being.
Initiated: April 2013
MKPUSA Curriculum Committee – Secretary

I am a Marine Vet & Drill Instructor, and became a better man after years of effort & as a result of finding the ManKind Project in 2013. I now hold space for all men to deepen in their own path. I am also a Leader in Training for the ManKind Project, an Instructor & Hosts National Open Men’s Groups twice each week.

A comprehensive, well organized curriculum presented by competent, well trained and well prepared staff. A powerful trajectory that provides valuable learning and skill building. The conflict resolution principles of inclusion, respect and openness were clearly part of the training process. By the end of the Training, we were a community.

Richard S.

This brief course makes clear the difference between clearings and resolving conflicts and teaches a simple and challenging method for find solutions to conflictual relationships. Irt must be part of all PITs, all leader trainings, and somehow, recommended for pre-weekend training. It can reshape how we handle ANY conflict in important relationships. IMJ, conflict is an opportunity for growth.

George R.

Step Into Resolution

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