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About MKP Constituency Groups

Here are five constituencies that are common throughout the project. They support the organization in providing key support for the work we do. There are many more groups based on shared interests that are not as formalized. You can find many of them by joining V-Groups interested in those topics.

Elders: You saw these men on the weekend honoring men on the carpet, creating safety in the container, and providing blessings. The ManKind Project honors the role of the elder in our community – men with the gift of life experience. You’re invited to join elder gatherings across the globe and in your local community. Gatherings focus on elder skills, the role of elders in community, and developing a lasting legacy of service. In addition, Elders provide unique support to men facing the challenges of this stage in life. If you are age 50 or more consider checking out the next local gathering. Contact your local Center Director.

LKS (Lodge Keeper Society): You met these men on Sunday morning conducting the Purification and Renewal Ceremony (P&R). The LKS credo is; “All beliefs are welcome”  The P&R, though similar in some ways to some Native ceremony, is quite different from the Spiritual/Religious nature of the Native American ceremonies. It has a very specific purpose with strict guidelines as to how, and what, may be done and said. The LKS has diligently worked for over 20 years to create a respectful and non-religious process, and the men who lead the P&R undergo long-term mentoring and training to create a safe and inclusive environment. If you are interested in learning more about the Purification Ritual Ceremony contact the your Center Director for a local LKS contact.There are also gatherings of LKS around the world.

Local Community Leadership: It takes a team of men to make a community function. Every ManKind Project Community has a volunteer Board of Directors or Council that manages the daily tasks and roles required to keep MKP strong. Generally, each community will have a number of roles; the Center Director or Chair oversees all organizational activities, the Training Coordinator helps put together NWTAs and additional trainings, the Community Coordinator (or Communications / or Outreach) helps build the community through events and communications, the I-Group Coordinator helps maintain healthy men’s groups in the community, the Finance Coordinator oversees local finances, the Enrollment Coordinator helps men find and register for upcoming trainings. For many men, holding a volunteer role in the community is a big step toward personal leadership.

NWTA Leadership:  These are the men responsible for insuring the safety and quality of the New Warrior Training Adventure. There are many levels to our leadership structure each involving training and mastery of a wide array of essential leadership and facilitation skills. Any man is welcome to start on leadership track. It starts with staffing a weekend. If you feel called to learn more about the processes you witnessed on the weekend, consider staffing a New Warrior Training Adventure as a first step on your leadership path.

I-Group Faculty: These are the men who facilitate the Primary Integration Group (PIT), which many men consider an essential element to integrating the learnings from the weekend and getting the skills to continue on the journey. They also provide support to I-groups; teaching skills and processes. If you would like to receive training on I-group processes and assist with the facilitation of the PIT contact you local I-Group coordinator. PIT trainings are held regularly following New Warrior Trainings.

To learn more about these constituencies contact your local Center Director. You can find detailed local contact information here:  http://mkpconnect.org/contacts (requires login) OR you can find a general contact list here: https://mkpusa.org/our-communities/