Every day you awaken with profound choices
about the kind of man you will be and the kind of world you will create.
Choose wisely.

Are you living the life you want? 

Is there a gap between who you say you are, or who you think you are, and how you actually show up? Through a clutter of conflict … through the lens of your next tasks … through the tyranny of timelines and to-dos … we lose sight of our power to create and impact our worlds.

And it shows: Depression and anxiety are at an all time high in men. Suicide is a silent epidemic impacting men across all ages and backgrounds. Outside our doors, communities and institutions are struggling. Beyond our immediate view the environment is under assault. 

There is something you can do. Leverage your learning from sitting in a men’s group, confront your resistance, and turn it into permanent transformation.

GO FROM TOUCHING ON A NEW WAY OF BEING … to seeing, being, and living from your authentic values and core beliefs. Deeply confront your resistance. Figure out what’s been getting in the way of you moving forward in your life and take tangible steps to building the world you want.

Confront Resistance – Break Into Brilliance.

This training is a commitment. Our intention is to move you – from wherever you are to a place that you want to be. We do this by walking with you, shoulder to shoulder, as you reveal the strengths you have had all along. You may not be able to see them right now, but having worked with over 70,000 men in the last 35 years … we know you’ve got them.

You have what it takes. We’re here to get you the tools you need and the community you’ve been longing for … probably for most of your life.

Who it’s for:

This 24 hour course is primarily designed for men who have men’s work experience … like the Men’s Work 3-week introduction … but who may have not attended the ManKind Project’s New Warrior Training Adventure. If you are brand new to men’s work and men’s groups, we recommend sitting in a circle or taking our Men’s Work 3 Week Introduction to get a feel for what we do and know if this is for you. 

What you’ll get:

  • Framework for fundamental habit formation
  • A way to evaluate your choices and impacts
  • Insight into how your perceptions shape your outcomes
  • A confrontation with self at the Crossroads
  • Core Value Integration & Code of Conduct
  • Wisdom from your Gold & Shadow

How it works:

  • Total of 4 Hours per week Course time!
  • Over 24 Hours of total Course time. 
  • 6 Weekly FULL GROUP Meetings
    (see below for dates / times)
  • 5 Weekly TEAM Meetings
    (see below for dates / times)

The full group meetings will cover the course content with time for interaction and questions. Every participant also has a small group TEAM meeting with two facilitators to ‘do the work’ of integrating and grounding the learning from the week. The CROSSROADS is not to be taken lightly. When you finish this course, you will have crafted a written plan of action to manifest the change in your life that you were ready to take on.

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations,
we fall to the level of our training.”
~ Archilochus

The Road Map to a New World


Commit to Change – Men describe the life they know is possible & commit to change a behavior or habit.


Accountability – Men experience accountability & learn about choice, impact, and shadow.


Resistance – Men meet Resistance, judgments, projections, and cultural shadows.


Crossroads – Men confront their Resistance and explore the life they know is possible.


Identity – Men identify their values, priorities, and the actions they must take to live what was their unlived life!


Declaration – Men claim the life they are committed to living and their willingness to do whatever it takes to stay on their path.

Your Guides Through Transformation

Initiated: October 1995
NWTA Full Leader and Leader Trainer

I have participated in over 100 New Warrior Training Adventures (NWTAs) all across the United States and around the world. I became a NWTA Certified Co-Leader in 2004, Full Leader in 2014 and have been leading Staff Trainings since 2016. I recently collaborated with the Crossroads design team. I live in Los Angeles.

Judge Mattocks
Initiated: September 2000
NWTA Co-Leader

I was a student of Political Science and Electronic Engineering as well as an athlete at the University of North Carolina during the era of forced integration. I bring my experiences from a non-dominant-cultural point of view. I am a certified Shadow Work Coach and Group Facilitator and also a Certified Shadow Work Trainer and Mentor. 

Vincenzo Falone
Initiated: May 1995
NWTA Certified Co Leader/ Full Leader Candidate

I helped establish the New York Metro Mankind Project community and have participated in many MKP events and outreach over the past 26 years. I run a healing center with my wife where I have established a LIFE Coaching and CranioSacral practice.

Maik Bain
Initiated: March 2003
MKP Ritual Elder

I am a 63 year old Bi-racial Black man from the Metro NY Tristate Area. I am a Ritual Elder with over 80 staffings. I am married and have been in the Social Work field since 1998. My mission is to create a world of Peace and Tranquility by Controlling my Rage and Anger. I am committed to supporting and creating diversity throughout MKP.

David Kaar
Initiated: February 1988
MKP USA Past Chair
MKP International Past Chair

I am a Shadow Work facilitator, teach general facilitation and founder of The Dragon Training. I also led the team which created the Men’s Work Crossroads and continue to develop new online trainings for MKP USA. 

Initiated: September 2007
MKP International Certified Co-leader

I am an active coach and mediator and recently moved from the Kansas City area to Long Island, New York to further explore a relationship with Laura, and begin the next chapter of an active life. 

Jonathan Pilgrim
Initiated: June 2005
MKP Co-Leader Candidate

I staffed over 35 NWTAs and led several PITs and was part of the team of ten men who designed the Crossroads course. I live in Denver and work as an architect making healthy spaces for pets. 

Step Into Transformation

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In Memoriam – Matt Kelly

Matt Kelly

Matt Kelly


Because of the work Matt has been able to do in the ManKind Project to bring long-hidden beliefs out of shadow, his family would tell you that he’s a better husband, father, and friend.

Since we launched the Men’s Work Introduction in late 2018, over 1500 men have completed the three week course and over 100 men have stood at the CROSSROADS. Matt Kelly was one of the key architects of both of these courses. Matt was a New Warrior Training Adventure Full Leader and Leader Trainer. He served on the Board of the ManKind Project USA, and was the Director for the former New Mexico Center of the ManKind Project.

Matt’s life and leadership inspired thousands of men to step forward into their higher calling; with passion, humor, curiosity, and integrity. His voice and his laughter will long ring out in the halls where men gather to do their work. Matt was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer in December, 2021, and passed away in January, 2022. He was surrounded by friends and held close by his wife, Cheri, and his son, Malcolm throughout his passing.