Donation Script – Expired Membership

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This script is provided only as a suggestion and tool. Ultimately it will be your real voice and passion that resonates with a man. Get comfortable saying it in your own words.

Hi this is (your name) … I am a warrior brother from MKP.

{listen and dialogue}

Do you have a minute?

{listen and dialogue}

Last year you were a member in MKP USA.  I am calling you today to ask you to renew that membership.  Will you continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with almost 3000 men who extend themselves to support our mission?

I’m asking you to raise your hand again and help us fulfill our mission.


Can we count on you  to continue to be one of our annual members?

OPTIONAL TEXT for Men asking questions …

We are doing things as an organization that never would have been possible in our old way of doing business … (use examples if you need them)

changing from the New Brother … to US supporting our organization
our way of knowing who’s around … who’s connected and believes in what we’re doing
so we can support our centers and reach more men

Because of Memberships … we’re already reaching more men. We want to make sure this work is here for generations to come …

Is that something you want as well?

50% of whatever you give today will go to support the local center of your choice.
What center do you want it to go to?

We’re looking to keep our average at $125 a year per member. Many men give more if their bounty allows for it and some men may not be able to afford that much. We ask you to check your heart, do not hurt yourself and give what you can. You can choose how to split your donation – monthly, yearly, or as a one time donation. A lot of men are doing monthly donations of $15.

How much would you like to give today?

(Note: Our distinct preference is to have a man make his donation NOW. We’ve learned from experience that many of those who pledge but don’t pay on the phone will never pay.)

Can you put that on your credit card now?


Read the numbers back to him.
If the man prefers not to give his credit card number on the phone:
You can also donate through our secure server online at

If you want to extend the call, ask the man how he is living his mission, what he has gotten, whether he is in I-group and whether he knows where to get tools to support him (, etc.).