MKP Reorg – Chairman’s Letter

To All Center Directors,

I am writing this e-mail to clarify exactly what input will be asked of Center Directors regarding The Consolidation Proposal, during the meetings at the Glen Ivy meeting. I believe this information will help you to arrive as prepared as possible.

In Louisville, during the center council meetings, CDs overwhelmingly supported consolidation as individuals, yet many were concerned about their boards’ and communities’ support. I empathize with the difficult position you have been in trying to educate those who will ultimately make these difficult decisions.

There are two critical questions we will ask you:

  1. Do you vote Yes or No on the following Consolidation Motion:
  1. Center Council Motion:   The MKP-USA Center Council recommends that the MKP-USA Council approve the Reorganization and Consolidation Proposal in principle.  Through this Proposal, USA Centers will have the option to apply to consolidate with MKP-USA and, after due diligence and mutual agreement on both sides, those Centers will dissolve their not for profit corporations and transfer assets to MKP-USA.  The Center Council further recommends that MKP-USA continue to develop and refine the procedures and structure of consolidation based upon the Reorganization Framework submitted by the Structure Committee.  These details will be revisited by the Center and MKP-USA Councils as needed to ensure an orderly and transparent transition.
  1. Is your Center Council or Center Board committed to proceeding with the Consolidation process or not?  Answers need to be in the form of:
    1. Yes
    2. Not sure but leaning towards yes
    3. Undecided
    4. Not sure but leaning towards no
    5. We are not interested in consolidating at all

Your answer to this question will help us understand how many Centers might ultimately join MKP-USA, and whether we can achieve critical mass or not.  Please note that your answer does NOT constitute a formal and irrevocable commitment by your Center to actually consolidate. That will come only after a much more extensive period of due diligence by both your center and MKP USA.

I strongly encourage you to vote Yes, even if your own Center is not interested in consolidating, because I believe Consolidation is in the best interests of many Centers and of MKP-USA.  A Yes vote here does not commit your own Center to consolidating.

I realize that if this proposal is not supported from the bottom up, it will not succeed.  I understand that it will only work if enough Centers truly believe that it is in their own interests to proceed.

This consolidation will require hard choices and courageous decisions. It’s not so much that we’ve not faced reality in the past – we simply didn’t see an accurate picture until ACT II put it front and center. Now we have our backs against the wall and this will be a real test of our mettle.

I believe we are at the tipping point and must act soon, or it will be too late. We must become more professional or face the consequences of inaction.   I hope you will support this initiative, and I will respect whatever decision you come to.

If this proposal is approved it’s likely to be just the first of several decisions we’ll make along the way.  Each decision point will help determine our path into the future.  While nothing can guarantee success, doing nothing now appears to guarantee failure.  There are many exciting ideas being generated by the current awareness of our perilous state.  I believe, that out of this crisis, a stronger, more vibrant MKP-USA will emerge.

In service,

David Bauerly


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