Help Wanted: Contract Position to Assist with Conscious Men Online Summit

June 30, 2015

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Summit Coordinator for the Conscious Men Global Summit

Description of the Role:

The Conscious Men Global Summit is a collaboration between MKP USA and Arjuna Ardagh (Awakening Coaching Creator and author of “Better Than Sex”),  and John Gray (Teacher, Author – “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus”). The Summit will bring together 15+ highly regarded thinkers, authors, and globally recognized business leaders in a conversation about Conscious Men for a 4 day online global summit.

The Summit Coordinator will function as the production manager for this Summit reporting to Boysen Hodgson and Summit Creator / Partner Arjuna Ardagh. He will be a part of the Operations Team, which includes Boysen Hodgson, Eric Thomas, Arjuna Ardagh, Jeffrey Wilkinson, and others. He will also track operational resources such as technical subcontractors and volunteer Production.

The Summit Coordinator will be supported by the ManKind Project USA Online Training team to succeed in the role.

Time Scope of the Project:

  • Contract begins August 1, 2015 and completes at the end of the Conscious Men’s Global Summit about – November, 2015

Time Commitment in the Role:

  • Weekly phone meetings up to 3 hours.
  • Weekly work time of 10-15 hours (additional time may be needed in the week before and during the Summit)


  • Fixed rate contract with 3 monthly payments.


  • Excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  • Technical proficiency with HTML and WordPress Content Management
  • Familiarity with technical platforms for Email Marketing
  • Effective & Supportive Team Management Skills

Great to have:

  • Familiarity with InfusionSoft Marketing Platform
  • Understanding / Prior Experience with Online Trainings / Summits / Events

Scope of Work:

  • Collaborative Project management end-to-end:
    • Create and maintain project plan,
    • Lead team check-in calls
    • Keep project on track to defined milestones,
    • Manage in-summit logistics and issues
    • Provide input on marketing strategy and plan
    • Manage speaker coordination for the Summit
  • Retain and manage operational subcontractors and/or volunteer assistants for:
    • Customer support
    • Audio/Video Engineering
  • Set up and send emails for Summit Registrants / Joint Venture Partners and Summit Speakers
  • Help setup and configure all Summit delivery system technologies including webcast/phone conferencing, shopping cart and email lists, and integrate with web pages
  • Oversee web development and coordination activities
  • Oversee Summit Speaker interview calendar
  • Development and implementation of Marketing Strategy

Contractor Reports to:

Boysen Hodgson – MKP USA Marketing & Communications Director for collaboration for project time-line, content, and editing. Previous and current Online Training Program team members will be available to train, collaborate and mentor.

Send email and relevant qualifications to Boysen Hodgson –




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