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MKP-USA is hiring a part-time contract position to manage and coordinate the I-Group Facilitation Training (IGFT) program.   This is a part time contract position for approximately 10 hour per week.  A candidate for this position must be a New Warrior who has completed Primary Integration Training, is a member of an I-Group and has or will attended an IGFT.


The interest and demand for IGFT Training is growing.  Over the last year we have conducted 7 IGFTs in MKP Areas across the country.    An IGFT Summit is scheduled for October 29 – Nov 1 to training additional IGFT Instructors.   We anticipate conducting 20 to 24 IGFTs in MKP Areas across the county in the next year.

Requirements and responsibilities

  • The individual should have attended or will attend an IGFT as soon they start.  This is important so that they understand the complexity and interworking of scheduling and conducting an IGFT
  • The individual should be available to attend the IGFT Summit, Oct 29 – Nov 1
  • Coordinate scheduling of upcoming IGFTs.   This includes answering inquiries, determining dates, coordinating and scheduling Instructors and identifying the IGFT Event Coordinators
  • Orient Event Coordinators regarding the “How to Host an IGFT” document
  • Be sure that Event Coordinators complete before and after event MKP USA reporting
  • Set up regular check-ins with each IGFT Event Coordinator, providing support on marketing and event planning. Review all requirements of the How To Host Document with Event Coordinators
  • Review “Go – No Go” dates and final scheduling decision.  Once an event is a “Go” confirm arrangements with Instructors
  • Host a monthly IGFT Faculty phone conference
  • Arrange quarterly “IGFT Hot Seats” for certification of new co-instructors and instructors and maintain a spread sheet of IGFT Instructors, Co-Instructors and applicants
  • Following an IGFT, collect evaluations and Instructor reports of the event and how went.
  • Confirm that Instructors complete MKP USA required paperwork
  • Work with the IGFT Circle Chair to develop a monthly report
  • Work on the on-going development of marketing materials to support Area IGFT programs
  • Prepare IGFT updates for MKP USA I-Group Council monthly calls

The IGFT coordinator will be supported by the MKP I-Group Council, Steering Committee, IGFT Chair, and administratively report to the MKP USA Lead for Community Services.

Men, If you have passion about I-Groups and the IGFT and have the time and desire to support this movement please inquire further. Please refer this to any man that you think would be good at this.

Joel Burbach 608 297 9593