Rising to the Challenge of a New World – Together
A Course BY and FOR Men Under 40

The World Our Parents Were Born Into No Longer Exists

As men who grew up in the 1990s and 2000s, ours are the first generations in history to mature in a world saturated in digital media, awash in information and lacking inspiration.

Out there … it’s a world of appearances, of maintaining a persona to avoid being known. We’re saturated with advertising, porn, and conspicuous consumption.  We’re told that our generation will not have access to the same opportunities as generations before.

All this is taking a serious toll. Suicide is the #2 cause of death for men 18-25.

And we want you to know what we’ve discovered. There are spaces where men are learning, challenging, showing up, and supporting one another in a way that defies the norms most of us were used to.

Come take a journey with
some men like you.

We certainly won’t all be the same, but as young men committed to growth, we’re going to share some perspectives, some common experiences … and probably some common obstacles.

It’s time to let go of what was, to step up and step past it. Maybe it’s time to look to the horizon and confront the enormity of the task before us – in its invitation to greatness, and with the natural fear of uncertainty. In order to make the impact we’re here to make, we know we’ll need to take some risks.

I Want To Be More Powerful

When things are crumbling, maybe this is a time for us
to create what hasn’t been created before.

It’s time to harness our minds and to tap into our collective wisdom. Our bodies don’t distinguish between fear and excitement – so let’s use our gifts to make this a time of exciting possibilities.

There is a revelation waiting. And that’s what the IMPACT Course is about. The men who created this course tapped into our experience in men’s work, and pulled together a seven week curriculum that touches on some of the most potent and challenging themes that younger men need to push up against in order to start making a difference. 

Joining the Impact Course was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. I was going through a rough time in life and knew I needed some help in understanding what I was feeling ,and I knew I needed support system to help me work through that. This course checked both those boxes and provided me with so much more. In today’s day and age, I doubt there are many people that would say that they genuinely look forward to a weekly 2 hour zoom call, but I can honestly say that this was one of the highlights of my week, week in and week out. I came away with a better understanding of who I am, a new found comfort level with talking about my feelings and emotions, and a more clear path to the action that I need to take to become the man that I know I am.

Rob Evenboer

I really felt the impact! Totally a transformational experience, and it was way more profound and life changing than I thought. I wish we Could continue for another seven weeks!

Elmer De Jesus Contreras

The MKP Impact course was exactly what I was looking for; a regular meeting to hold myself accountable and learn by doing work and sharing in the work of other men. I was blown away by the commitment from everyone in the group and learned more about shame, guilt, ownership, and communication in these seven weeks than I ever have.


The Men’s Work IMPACT course was an awesome experience. I got to meet and connect on a deep level with other guys who want to heal and grow just like me. I also learned a lot about my own emotions and relationships with women. I’d recommend it for almost any man under 40.

Joe B.

The Road Map to a New World


Introduction – Pinpoint where you are in these times, and prepare for future breakthroughs, with purpose and clarity. This includes an introduction into foundations of Men’s Work and how it forms the context for the course.


Enlightened Masculinity – Deep dive into what it means to be a powerful man within today’s culture of shame and lack of accountability. Finding strength in maintaining strict personal accountability and transforming judgement of yourself and others into compassionate awareness.


Healthy Shame vs. Toxic Shame – Discover the distinction between the two. How toxic shame is used by people who feel inadequate to control and dominate others while healthy shame is a personal signal indicating we are not living up to our own standards.


Power of Responsibility – Experience the power of maintaining personal responsibility. This includes acknowledging and apologizing for our negative impact on others and making a commitment to ourselves to not repeat the same mistake.


Relationship to Women –  What have we learned about ourselves and about men from women – starting with Mom!? Learn how to deeply listen to and communicate with women in any context: the workplace, community, dating or raising children. This section is  designed for GBTQ or Hetero men – not focused on romantic relationships.


Nudity, Porn, and Sex – Discover what healthy male sexuality looks like for you without objectification, shame or distraction. What it means to be truly Present for your partner during intimacy.


Bringing It All Together – Share the story of your adventures of what you’ve learned, and revel in the celebration of your success. (Embody the story of your adventure. Together, we celebrate the trials and victories of our journeys.)

Your Guides Through Transformation


Initiated: April 2017
Leader in Training at MKP USA
Mathematics Chairperson with NYSED

I am a thirty-three-year-old African American gay male living in New York. I am a facilitator, a teacher and secondary school administrator. I do this WORK to make a difference in my life and those lives that I directly impact. My goal is to be of service and inspire others to be their most authentic selves.


Initiated: December 2018
Entrepreneur / Educator

My passion is creating experiences that support men to connect and come alive. I’ve been an educator and entrepreneur for most of my adult life. My favorite parts of these jobs have been helping students grow through their love of learning and aligning teams to succeed with mission. I live upstate NY and am enjoying connecting with nature and a sense of adventure. Other interests I love to share are: meditation, breathwork, and dance.


Initiated: October 2014
Leader In Training at MKP
Workshop Facilitator/Personal Coach

I’m a facilitator, an experience designer and coach splashing humans awake to live epic lives. I do this Work because it makes me feel connected with people in ways that matter. There is so much decency, ability and creativity all around us, and I love to remind people that they’ve got it.

Step Into Transformation


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