A 7-Week Exploration of Zen Meditation Practice
and the Nature of Emotions

Why Embrace this Path?

Before we can live awake, we must be roused from a very deep slumber. This process is not easy. Luckily, or by providence, there are paths that have been built for us, and directions that we can take – individually and collectively.

In order to wake up as a society there are several necessary stages of growth we will have to consider … we need to grow up … to acknowledge that we will fuck up … to clean it up as we go … and to keep showing up.

This course, created by practioners of Integral Zen, will help you see and embrace yourself … and others … on a developmental path where each of us is responsible, empowered, and capable of levels of insight we didn’t know were available.

The realization of this path … is the deepest experience of Who You Are.

Integral zen practice introduces a way of looking at the world that leaves NOTHING out. It does this through the employment of 5 Maps (AQAL Maps) that provide various perspectives.

Quadrants, Levels / Stages, Lines, Types, and States. Each of these maps provides another way of seeing and understanding the complexity of consciousness. Some of the maps are easier to see through daily activities in the world. Several will be familiar; Lines describing differents lines of development like emotional, physical, intellectual, moral, and Types describing different typological maps, like the Enneagram, Myers Briggs, DISC, CORE Map and others.   

Several years ago, Integral Zen embarked on a true experiment to see if it was possible to provide a quality state experience in a three day retreat.  Many said it could not be done.  That retreat became the Integral Mondo Zen Retreat sponsored by MKP USA. The Integral Mondo Zen process supported hundreds of men and women in having a powerful awakening experience … and in maintaining a new perspective over time. 

In the time of Covid-19, MKP USA is now taking on the challenge of creating a profound State experience in 21 hours (7 – 3 hour sessions) through an entirely different medium – the internet. 

This course uses the integral framework as a platform upon which to build a truly transformative experience of one of the most difficult maps to grasp … States. 

This is an even bigger challenge and one that, again, there are those who say it cannot be done.  We will see. 


Participant Objectives

  • Get a deep taste of the truth of who you are.
  • Experience the power of Conscious View and Clear Intention.

  • Understand the criticality of developing a disciplined meditation practice.
  • Establish a foundation on which to build a concentration / Insight meditation practice.

  • Experience the truth of self through the processes of Big Mind; Conflict Liberation; Mondo Zen Koan Dialogue.

  • Ability to explain a deeper understanding of Waking Up, Growing Up, Fucking UP, Cleaning Up and Showing Up.

  • Deeply understand the nature and purpose of emotions.

  • Understand how emotions are made.

  • Learn new tools for Personal Work.

  • Experience shadow work from emptiness.
  • View shadows as allergies and addictions in states and stages, and what drives them.
  • Understand and explain the developmental nature of Growing Up.


  • Open Heart and Beginner’s Mind
  • Open, Honest, Vulnerable and willing to be uncomfortable
  • Understand the criticality of developing a disciplined meditation practice
  • Be prepared to meditate – Cushion & pad, bench or chair
  • MKP USA “Integral Thinking” self paced course (optional but helpful)


  • To attend all meetings for the full time
  • 5 minutes early is on time
  • 30 minutes minimum seated meditation 3x per week outside of the weekly session

Program Outline


Set the Stage– What is the opposite of your seeking mind? Begin to hear the sound beyond the sounds.


Big Mind – What’s the opposite of thinking? Continue into the unknown through inquiry.


The Mondo Process – What is the New Warrior’s path? Find yourself on the field of battle.


The Cosmic Joke – Who are you? Exploring questions to deepen insights.


The Nature of Emotions – Are you the master, or the puppet? Realizing and harnessing the power of your emotions.


Developmental Understanding – What does it really mean to grow up? Finding yourself on a developmental stage.


Ending War – Understanding allergies and addictions.

Your Guides Through the Process

Initiated: May 2005
Trainer / Past MKP USA Chair
Current Chair Integral Zen Inc.

I bring deepening emotional literacy and spiritual growth to the world through teaching concentration meditation, Mondo Zen Koan practice, an Integral point of view and a robust support network for individuals and communities.
Initiated: April 2003
MKP USA Leader in Training

I have been active with MKP since my 2003 NWTA. Ordained a Zen priest in 2014, I am on fire for integrating Zen with emotional growth/shadow work. My spouse and I live in Iowa (yes, it’s heaven) where we delight in spoiling our two grandchildren.

I am a personal coach and Integral Zen lay teacher in training with a disciplined meditative practice in the Sanbo Kyodan tradition since 2013. My thirst for more rigorous training, vaster efficiency and deeper insight naturally led me to work with Doshin Nelson Roshi since 2018. My devotion is to practicing with every pore and bone in the body, and seeing into the numberless delusions that obstruct this very awareness.

Starting January 14, 2021








Thursday Evenings
(Jan 14, 21, 28, Feb 4, 11, 18, 25 )
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Eastern
(find my time)


If you have any questions, please email us at and we’ll be glad to assist you