There are just 3 spots left in the new Living Through Disruption course that starts May 27th.

Living Through Disruption

Starts May 27th and Runs for 7 Weeks

$275 —or— $195 for MKP USA Members

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Equip Yourself With New Ways to Meet the Challenge of Today

Your Guides – Matt Kelly and Brad Bowers

The Road Map to a New World


Introduction – Pinpoint where you are in these times, and prepare for future breakthroughs, with purpose and clarity. (Know where you are. Get an accurate view on how your life is working.


Putting your House In Order – Discover what is no longer working for you, and let them go. Answer the question: what habits are keeping you down and what tweaks will lift you up. (You’ll establish habits to equip you for the next leg of your journey.


Going into the Depths (Dark Night of the Soul) – Traverse the crossroads of your life. Increase your capacity to make conscious choices, in the face of uncertainty. (Awake to the power of your choices, you’ve learned to see in the dark.


Recommitting to Purpose – Share the story of your adventures of what you’ve learned, and revel in the celebration of your success. (Embody the story of your adventure. Together, we celebrate the trials and victories of our journeys.



Go to the Roar – Confront your obstacles and roadblocks, and learn valuable new skills to overcome them. (When you are clear about the obstacles in your path, you’ll see the road ahead.


At the Crossroads – Experience a deep understanding of who you are, how you approach disruption and where you can find leverage for change. (The crossroads offers an opportunity for transformation. Leverage what you’ve learned to blaze a new way forward.


Legacy – Create the map that you’ll use to forge a new road home, where you’ll create your next grand adventure. (See the reality of your riches on a new map of your world. Celebrate. Get ready to create your next adventure.