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Discover, Activate, and Live Your Personal Mission Every Day

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Do you sense there is something calling you
to a higher purpose in your life?

Is there a longing at the edge of your vision that disappears when you turn to look at it? Living without a clear sense of mission can feel empty and disempowering. To escape actually feeling that emptiness, we create coping mechanisms and fill that void with almost anything. If this feels familiar, you’re not alone. And there is a new path before you if you are willing to take it.

The Living Your Mission course is open to all men – whether you’re just getting started in men’s work, or you’ve been involved for years.  This is an opportunity to invest in your future by aligning yourself with a course of action in the world that is TRUE to who you are and ACTIONABLE to help you get results.

In the Men’s Work Introduction (if you’re just getting started in men’s work – this is a GREAT first step!), we teach a process around Accountability, a no-blame / no-shame way of looking at your choices, examining impacts, checking out underlying beliefs, and taking action to move forward.

Living Your Mission fits perfectly if you’re looking to put accountability into action. Living Your Mission will give you a process for examining and making powerful choices about what you want to create in the world and tracking your progress through SMART (and SMARTER) action.

What is My Mission in Life?

One of the things that the ManKind Project has been doing for over 35 years is helping men discover and live in mission; answering the call in their hearts and minds to live the lives they’re meant to live. Living Your Mission is a 3 week live online course to help you discover your mission, and then put it into action.

Weekly Course Outline


A journey of discovery to help you reveal your Mission and capture it in an easy to use framework.


Taking your Mission and putting it into SMART action. Take a deep look at what might get in the way of your Mission, and use smart planning and accountability to stay on track.


Get even SMARTER about your goals and how you carry them out into your life.

Your Guides To Living Your Mission

Initiated: 1988 Chicago

Ted has been involved with men’s work since 1988 and has over 25 years experience as a psychotherapist, business consultant, public speaker, and group facilitator. His free time is spent coaching his daughter’s soccer team and hiking sections of the National Scenic Trails with his wife. My mission is to create caring communities.

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