Erin Brandt has traveled and supported men in men’s groups for over 5 years to learn more about themselves, their relationship to women, their autonomic nervous systems, attachment and so much more! This is how I (Boysen) first met Erin, but there’s so much more … 

Erin helps all kinds of people (through individual and group work) learn to understand and heal attachment wounds through a mixture of somatic and dialectic processes aimed at helping  them ‘parent’ and sooth themselves.

Some Key takeaways from this episode: 

  • Understanding Your Autonomic Nervous System 
  • Beginning to understand your Attachment System and how powerful this is in our relationships
  • What is healthy attachment? 
  • What’s at the core of self-esteem? 
  • How do we learn to create healthy attachment (by CARING for ourselves)? 

Loved Erin? You Can Find Out More Here: 

Other than one on one coaching or couples coaching, which is always available, the newest way that Erin is working with men online is through … 

– Small group Q&A sessions,  one month at a time
– 4 men or masculine identifying people per group
– one hour per week 
– 3 weeks per month 

– Each man gets 10 min to ask ANY question he wants… in general the goal is to ask about relationships, as we are contributing to an online library of relationship tools for men, but relationships are based on knowing yourself AND knowing your partner… so you can ask questions about yourself, about your partner, about women in general, about relationships in general. 


Book Recommendations: 

HOLD ME TIGHT by Sue Johnson

3 of Stan Tatkin’s great books:

  • WE DO – for new couples to see if you have/ give you a roadmap to build secure functioning in your relationship
  • WIRED FOR DATING – gives examples of how a date might sound if both people are insecurely attached, and then how the date could go better if even just one partner responds in a securely attached way
  • WIRED FOR LOVE – Like Wired for Dating for committed couples, WITH a set of agreements at the back to work on committing to to work towards a secure functioning relationship

Erin’s  favorite attachment teacher is Diane Poole Heller, because she combines attachment with somatics (listening to the body) + with the relational field between two people.

Her book is THE POWER OF ATTACHMENT, and if you prefer an audiobook, hers is called HEALING YOUR ATTACHMENT WOUNDS.

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