MKP Network Promotions

MKP Network Promotion will be used to announce events, trainings, workshops and other offerings, by New Warriors or Woman Within graduates (and occasionally others approved by the Admin Director), in accordance with the Policy For Broadcast Advertising (below). Broadcast Email advertisements are a great way to reach the thousands of men on the MKP USA Network Promotions listserve and cost only $250 per post.  To post an advertisement, Email the completed advertisement to and include the following disclaimer at the very top of the posting:

 “The following information is being forwarded to you by the ManKind Project USA as a service to you and to the sender. While these services may be excellent, the advertiser is not formally affiliated with the MKP USA and we make no endorsement of their offer. MKP USA has been paid for sending you this information and proceeds help defray the costs of the MKP websites and list serves.”

To make your payment of $250 per posting please follow these instructions:


Log in as username: broadcast and password: payment

There you will find a shopping cart that will process your payment.

Please follow the instructions. You will receive a receipt via email.

Simple, colorful, single page advertisements seem to work best, but we don’t put restrictions on the length of ads. There is however, a 1 Megabyte limit on the overall size of the posting. All images that you insert must be embedded into the document – linked images will not translate through Mailman.

Regarding Corrections:

The ManKind Project is not responsible for any errors in the ad copy that we distribute. We trust that all ad submissions will be thoroughly proofed before you send them to us to be sure that they contain accurate dates, places, and contact information. MKP will, however, allow one corrected advertisement per year at an additional cost of $50, at the sole discretion of the MKP staff. This will apply only to the faulty ad and must be submitted within 1 week of the incorrect submission. All other correction submissions will require the full $250.

Be aware that you may receive a number of “Out of Office” response messages. In addition you will get a few automatic messages from Mailman, our Listserve manager, which may tell you that your message could not be delivered to a few of our lists. The message will, however, be delivered individually to all the men who are subscribed to Broadcast C.

Hopefully you won’t receive any complaints about your post. If you do, please forward their messages directly to the MKP USA Administrative Director.

If you have any questions about posting your advertisement contact the MKP USA Administrative Director at

Thank you for your support of MKP!