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MKP USA announces the 2016 MKP USA Board positions which will be elected at our annual business meeting on December 4 & 5, 2015. Please consider to running … or … nominating someone to run.

Open MKP USA Board positions for 2016 are as follows:

  • Chair – One year term
  • Chair Elect – One year term
  • Board Secretary – One year term
  • Board Treasurer – One year term
  • Three (3) At Large Positions with terms of two years each

Candidates for these MKP-USA Board position should have background or experience in management, finance, or other operations areas as well as have good planning and organizational skills. Self nominations are welcome. If you nominate another man please secure his permission and confirm his willingness to serve in the position if elected. Nominees are requested to provide background information which will be disseminated to the MKP-USA Board and Council and other appropriate venues prior to the election meeting. Board duties and job responsibilities are contained in the attachment below entitled “Guidelines for Election of Members to the MKP USA Board of Directors.”

The period of nominations shall be from the date of this Notice Soliciting Nominations until November 8, 2015 with the slate of candidates being presented to the Board at the Board of Directors meeting on November 9, 2015.

Men nominated are being asked to complete a Candidate’s Election Questionnaire which provides the nominated man the opportunity to share his thoughts on specific questions that will enable the membership and those voting to gain familiarity and connection with the man nominated. He will also have the opportunity to share his leadership experience, qualifications, intention, and passion for this important Elected Position. See the attached Election Questionnaire for the question we are asking each candidate to answer. The Chair or other Member of the Nominating Committee will conduct an interview with each person nominated for a Board position to assess the individual’s suitability for being on the Board in general and specifically for the position sought.

Questions, inquiries, and communication you might have for the Candidates may be forwarded directly to the Candidates through private E-Mail, phone, Fax or asked during the election period this December.

Send nominations to Bob Oser at boboser@MKP.org by November 24, 2014.

During the Question & Answer period at the elections, nominees will be asked to speak to their vision of the Project as it relates to their service in the office sought.

Access the Questionnaire and Guidelines here: MKPConnect Login Required

Questionnaire: http://mkpconnect.org/sites/default/files/Election-Questionaire-MKPUSABoard.docx
Guidelines for Board of Directors: http://mkpconnect.org/sites/default/files/Guidelines-for-BOD.docx

Regards and blessings,

Bob Oser 
Secretary – MKP USA Board of Directors
Nominating Committee Chair
Cell 502-767-1444