MKP USA Outreach Team Commitment Agreeement

MKP USA Outreach Team

Commitment Agreement


The Mission of the MKP USA Welcome Team is to field inquiries regarding MKP USA, Men’s Groups, I-Groups and the NWTA.  The Welcome Team will connect non-New Warrior Brothers to all that MKP USA is – I-Groups, training opportunities etc.

Scope & Activities

The Welcome Team will field requests for information from initiated and non-initiate men and connect them to the proper resources within MKP USA.  E.G. requests from New Warrior Brothers to connect to a local I-Group; Requests from uninitiated men regarding men’s groups and the NWTA; requests for information about MKP USA etc.

Reporting Relationship

The Welcome team is part of the Marketing / Communications Team of MKP USA and reports to the Director of Marketing.


The Welcome Team is made up of 4 to 6 men.  Qualified men will have been initiated at least 2 year prior to participation on this team and staffed at least one NWTA.  Other Qualifications include basic computer skills, familiarity with and the I-Group Portal as tools to look up individuals and locate I-Groups, effective telephone skills and the willingness to commit 2 hours per week to Welcome Team activities.


It is anticipated that a member of the Welcome Team would invest up to two hours per week in Welcome Team activities.  Additional Team members will be added as the workload increases.

The primary responsibilities of Welcome Team member include

  • Respond to email communications from the email address.
  • Build relationships with Center Directors, I-Group Representatives, and Enrollment Coordinators in MKP USA centers as you communicate with them.
  • Help NWTA graduates connect with I-Groups in any part of the country.
  • Help non-NWTA grads find open men’s groups across the country by using available resources such as public local websites, and email to individual men.
  • Be familiar with upcoming NWTA trainings.
  • Communicate regularly with other team members and with the MKP USA Communications Director.

Energy Embodied – Friendly, open, transparent, and welcoming voice for the ManKind Project and men’s work. Be an Ambassador for the ManKind Project.
Tools to Complete the Work –, I-Group Portal, Google Group Shared In-Box, Standard Messages and Documents as they are developed, Local MKP Web Sites, and individual MKP Men in Centers.

Oversite – Administrative Director Keith Jarvis and Communications & Marketing Director Boysen Hodgson will be a part of the shared box to help with any unknown questions – and to help the team develop effective ‘Message Templates’ for use in responding to requests.

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Please contact me with questions,

Boysen Hodgson
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Marketing & Communications Director
The ManKind Project USA

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