Bring the New Warrior to your Relationship

The RISC Online Relationship Course, with Christian Pedersen and Sonika Tinker, is entering its third year. It has been a spectacular success for nearly 100 committed couples who have taken action to bring all of themselves to their relationships. The RISC Course offers a fresh perspective on relationship, intimacy, sex, and communication from two amazing coaches with over 3 decades of experience working with men and women to get the most out of their relationships.

And what’s more … from its inception, the RISC Course was designed with New Warriors in mind.

RISC: More Love, More Sex, Less Fighting – only happens once a year. Don’t miss it. Check out this 3 minute video and get a feel for these two teachers. This course is geared primarily for couples (ALL KINDS of couples), but it is for anyone dedicated to learning how to make their love relationships better. Christian and Sonika get great feedback from all kinds of folks, married, partnered, gay or straight, single or divorced, younger or older.

The RISC Course 2016 launches in October 2016. Stay Informed.

Now is the time to plan on attending this powerful 7 week online training. Don’t worry if you can’t be on the webinar every week. They will all be recorded for download at any time. Put your name on our list by signing up on the right. As a bonus for signing up right now – we’ll send you a copy of the powerful 3 Relationship Destroyers eBook by Christian and Sonika.