Is your relationship is in trouble?


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Your relationship will not get better by itself. You’re stuck. The fire in your relationship may be dying (or dead). In spite of your best efforts, things are getting worse instead of better. The hard truth is, what you’re doing to make it better probably DOES make it worse.

But it isn’t your fault. Or your partner’s.

Most of us were never taught what actually makes great relationship work. The fairytale model of relationships we’ve been handed is missing some crucial parts. Like how to keep a relationship alive and vibrant after the honeymoon is over, or how to effectively handle the inevitable challenges of day to day life.

Young couple having an argument

That’s why “normal” today means a divorce rate over 50%.

No one likes to admit their relationship is in trouble, but take this short relationship reality-check to assess yours:

  • Do you keep having the same stupid fights?
  • Is your sex life boring, infrequent, or dead?
  • Do you feel unappreciated or criticized?
  • Are you relieved when you’re apart?
  • Miss having fun together?

If you relate to any of these warning signs, your relationship needs help. It’s that simple.

What if you could breathe life back into your relationship, deepen your intimacy, and rekindle your passion for good?

You might be wondering if that’s even possible. It is!

The RISC Course

Relationship | Intimacy | Sex | Communication

Dare to Fire Up Your
Sex and Love!

A Seven Week Course for Relationship Transformation
with Christian Pedersen & Sonika Tinker, MSW

This LIVE (and RECORDED) 7 Week Interactive Course is presented by Sonika Tinker, MSW and Christian Pedersen, founders of LoveWorks. They have over 30 years of experience working with singles and couples… just like you.

Christian and Sonika have helped thousands of couples save their relationship and rekindle the deep love and passion they now share. And with the tools and strategies we’ve developed over 30+ years, you can too.

There IS a better way, and it’s waiting for you.

So, here’s our challenge to you…

Take the RISC to learn 4 essential principles you can apply with your partner so you can sustain the fire, play and intimacy in your relationship for GOOD!

Who is this Challenge for?


  • All kinds of men and their partners.
  • All kinds of women and their partners.
  • Anyone looking to up their game in relationship.
  • Singles ready to STOP making old mistakes!
  • This FREE Seminar is for YOU.

Meet our Experts

sonika-christian-about1Sonika Tinker, MSW, and Christian Pedersen, loving husband-wife team, are relationship experts with over 30 years combined experience coaching and leading seminars helping thousands of couples and singles to dramatically improve relationships. Sonika is a Certified NLP Professional™, Certified Enneagram Teacher, Certified Mediator and author of Seize Your Opportunities and The Good Divorce. Christian is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Mediator, ManKind Project graduate and author of When You Love Your Woman. Owners of LoveWorks, a cutting-edge relationship training company, both are passionately committed to shifting the current relationship paradigm from blame, resignation and scarcity to one of joyful, expansive, delightful co-creation. They offer a unique leading-edge relationship solution that is uplifting, light-hearted and powerfully effective.