Somatic Savvy

Cultivating BodyMind Intelligence

Using body-movement centered practices with ‘mindfulness’ to create life-sustaining wellness habits.

The Somatic Tune-Up & Equanimity Project

Want to move through current ‘crises’ and come out better- not worse? Then join this online course, preparing yourself for all the ongoing ‘tough stuff’, from physical to social-political-environmental.

The Course starts with the basics, the most reliable, capable, bio-intelligent system we have: our body-brain complex.

Selected special lesson exercises for posture, movement and breathing-the gateways to bodymind equilibrium.

Next, uncover the ‘shadows’; and learn how to work with the brain’s conditioning; shift into ‘polyvagal equanimity using neuro-somatic ‘plasticity’ practices (which in reality are just free-roaming ‘emotional’ radicals, the hidden stream). Learn to manage these.

Description: We know about ‘free radicals’ in the body and ways of counteracting their noxious harmful effects through ‘neuroplasticity’. Emotional radicals are of a different but related kind-‘neuronal’ in the brain and nervous system network, deeply programmed. They are real residues, the ‘debris’ of all those discordant and self-conflicting experiences that came in like silent but toxic substances, programmed in when we were young and vulnerable. They can be changed!

Unmet needs, and conflicting emotional life experiences compromise our equanimity-the basic biological state and sense of security, safety, and satisfactions, our pleasureful affection connections. With unresolved emotional experiences and compensatory adaptations the nervous system remains volatile, easily reactive and ego self-defending to any threat, real, perceived, or imagined. However, if continued, this ‘silent stream affects the body-joints, organs, and especially the heart and brain itself.

”Somatic Intelligence is basically the ability to connect body movement with feelings and cognitive awareness. This ‘synchronicity’ is the foundation of real empowerment” — JD

Is This Course for You?

For MKP Brothers and male friends who have an interest, and more-even a need-to experience, learn and practice new ways to create more sustaining health resilience, wellness, vibrancy, relaxation, and confidence in your lives.

This is a great course for you. Come explore, practice, and process with us to integrate mind, body and spirit, awaken and empower your ability to move through patterns and blockages that no longer serve you. *With value-added practices for those of you who do some form of movement practices such as walk, run, swim, bike, dance, etc, plus meditation-mindfulness.

We will be focusing on what’s going on in our bodies and less with just talking about these personal internals-as we are used to doing in many men’s circles.

However, we will be sharing, learning, and developing skills for real and effective change to help us become healthier, more alive and more at home in our bodies. And being in current ‘full crises conditions, all the more so to be able to cope and come out better, not worse!

We will be exploring the boundaries of what it means to grow in both age and spirit-for life! A willingness to try out new approaches, with risks, is important.

Course Structure

Every session includes: first and foremost, body movement-exercises; statistical scientific backup, facilitation, ‘somatic’ practices, breakout groups & sharing, as needed.


Learn body movement and posture basics: the body’s core movement pathways; breathing practices’; use awareness-mindfulness practices to track habits and shadows.

Tuning in to the body-brain-balance-breathing gravitational ground of being connections. Developing somatic awareness and intelligence. Noticing any somatic amnesias.

Attunement: getting our daily movements of everyday life in sync with breathing and mindfulness, in the moment.


Body movement basics of walking, sitting. Somatic Tuning-In Practices: recognizing & tracking habits with clear somatic markers.

Addressing difficulties in tracking ‘shadows’. recognize, track and change your habits.

Habits of mind are also habits of movement and behaviors.


Psycho-physical practices: Neuroplasticity, how it works.The myelinization physiology, working with and through emotional patterns, habits, and triggers. Moving Your Way by recognizing wired in habits, including emotional triggers.

Specific practices to transform negative reactivity thru somatic-emotional circulation, release and reprogramming anxiety, fear, despair, depression, anger, revenge into courage, calm, kindness, acceptance, love.


Movements which enhance awareness and mindfulness: Taichi, or yoga based.

Continuing Practices around tracking habits, and shifting: alchemizing negative habits: ‘turning lead into gold’. Recognize any Trauma shadows (which is a freezing-up).


Reviews and the ‘Accountability’ Process [breakout groups]. The means of staying with the process and the practices through support.


Putting it all together: the takeaway. How to continue on your own.(self care, self trust, self-empowerment)

Your Guide Through Somatic Healing

Josef DellaGrotte, Ph.D

Therapist, physio;
movement educator,

Josef is one of the foremost experts on improving both functional-neuromyofascial movement and psychophysical related disorders. His training experience includes physical therapy, Rolf Structural Integration, yoga and t’ai chi- chi kung. From 1973-1981 DellaGrotte trained with scientist Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, becoming one of the first certified Feldenkrais practitioners and trainers in the USA.

I enjoyed Josef’s class and was able to get some insights into some inner tensions in my body and help them release. I recommend Josef and his teachings for those looking for this type of inner work.

Reuel Czach, MKP USA Elder Chair Elect

I’ve taken Josef’s Psychosomatic Equanimity Training course -very helpful, getting me in touch with my brain body connection. Josef is a master in this work, and I also had fun.

Michael Stebel

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