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Become a Foundation Builder

72 Donors

Purpose: to provide a program of 5 years minimum funding for MKP-USA to continue the reinvention process begun with the Fund the Plan Initiative.
Target audience: those men who have contributed in the past 18 months with donations of $599 or less (1200+ men) and any Member of MKP USA.

This is about the essential re-invention of MKP USA in the next 5 years.

We are asking men to contribute $25 each month for five years to meet the additional funding requirements laid out by Fund the Plan. Fund the Plan was just the starting point. These monies keep us functioning while we make this huge shift in our culture. Without this foundation, it is unlikely that MKP USA will succeed in implementing the kind of changes we need to thrive.

This is about creating a sustainable professional organization by

  1. accruing “construction dollars’ for our sustained growth
  2. the design and launch of additional trainings
  3. reaching greater audiences through marketing
  4. opening the doors to collaboration and innovation


The Good News:

  • No one else has been able to create the kind of network we’ve built, one man at a time, since 1984.
  • There’s still no one doing all that we do.

The Bad News:

  • The times are changing fast.

Our next 25 years are going to be different than the discovery years that fueled our growth in the 1990s. The way that cutting edge organizations reach out, follow up and build relationships is more involved, and technological, than it ever has been. There are opportunities to reach families (men, women, and children) through new technologies that will pass us by if we aren’t ready to seize them – some may be passing us by even as we speak.

We are entering another stage of our own evolution. It’s exciting, it’s joyful, it’s scary for many of us. The risks are high … the rewards could be huge.

What if … we could harness the New Warrior Spirit we’ve nurtured in the last 25 years and manifest a tipping point to transform our culture?

What if … we had the kind of structure, network and systems in place to really lead the movement to mature integrated masculinity on a grand scale?

You can read more about Our Past, Our Present and Our Future at the Structuring for Sustainability.

The commitment we are asking for:

$25 per month for 60 months, paid in a way that works best for you. ($1500 over 5 years). Go here to get started.

What does this mean for MKP USA?

  • A stable income stream to maintain our infrastructure – long term
  • Innovating our offerings as a world class training and community building organization
  • Strengthen the position of our brand and reach exponentially more men

This is what we are asking you to support. We know you have given already. And we hope that you are holding our vision of inspiring and transforming modern masculinity.

Become a Foundation Builder now. Invite other men that you know to become Foundation Builders.