We’re building the emotionally mature, accountable, and compassionate male role models that our communities so desperately need.

Thank you! You’re helping create a world where more men act on their individual and shared responsibility for our future. You’re building and supporting awake, emotionally mature, accountable, powerful and compassionate male leaders and role models. By taking action, you’re changing what it means to be a man in our culture.

We all care deeply about the future of men and women, families, communities, and our planet. Help MKP USA help good men. Donations are fully tax deductible. 

Why Membership?

Men and women love this work … and they want to see it survive for the next generationsMembership in the ManKind Project USA is open to all! Becoming a Member makes a statement – that you believe we need good men working together to build stronger, safer, more compassionate families and communities. 

Membership is critical to our shared vision of a new way of being for men; to grow awake, powerful, accountable, emotionally mature, and compassionate male leaders and role models.

Membership contributions generate more than 50% of the revenues that support local and national efforts.

Membership Support:

  • Provides vital revenue to communities across the USA to help local community building efforts, local marketing and outreach efforts, group service projects, and more. Membership helps our communities stay alive, and vibrant.

  • It provides professional support to local Areas through Professional staff for IT Systems, Marketing, PR, Curriculum, Program Management, Risk Management, Finances, and much more.

  • It provides support to local men’s groups and ManKind Project Integrations Groups by creating and providing training and resources for facilitators.

  • Assists in the Development of new curriculum and trainings that connect 1000’s of new men and women to the work we do.

Membership – the Foundation for Nonprofit Success!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Membership in MKP USA open to anyone?

YES. Any person who supports our cause, to build a culture of healthy masculinity and a more just and loving society is welcome to become a Member of MKP USA.

I'm a New Warrior - aren't I already a member?

On a Saturday night, some time in the past, you claimed your place as a New Warrior brother. You will hold that distinction for the rest of your life. As part of the brotherhood, you receive the benefits that come with being a New Warrior brother; participation in community events and councils, sitting in I-Group, access to our world-class leadership training programs, and more. Being an MKP USA Member is about giving in service to the cause of the ManKind Project. It’s about supporting the vision and making sure the work will be here for the generations. 

How much is the MKP USA Membership?

Our suggested Annual Membership contribution is $150-180/year ($12-15/month). We encourage you to support MKP with an amount that works best for you. In making your decision, consider your Head, Heart and Wallet – Give from your bounty. And don’t hurt yourself financially. The true currency of membership is your commitment to this noble endeavor. Your financial commitment helps us to carry it forward in the world.

Is my Membership Gift Tax Deductible?

YES. Membership contributions to the ManKind Project USA are fully tax deductible. The ManKind Project USA is a Gold Star Rated 501(c)(3) Non-Profit on GuideStar. 

What do I get for being a Member?

Most importantly, you’ll get the knowledge that you are part of a movement to heal our society.

 You’ll also receive some great perks.

  • ‘Check In!’ Newsletter, keeping you inspired and up to date on our progress in reaching our vision of 1,000,000 men in ManKind Project sponsored circles, doing the work of recreating masculinity for the 21st century.
  • A PDF copy of Bill Kauth’s foundational book “Circle Of Men; The Original Manual for Men’s Support Groups.”
  • Discounts on a number of MKP USA Sponsored Online Trainings – including “Epic Leadership” the “Man on Purpose Course” and the “RISC Relationship Course”
  • An MKP window decal for your car.
  • A set of New Warrior Training Adventure cards.