We’re building the emotionally mature, accountable, and compassionate male role models that our communities so desperately need.

Thank you! You’re helping create a world where more men act on their individual and shared responsibility for our future. You’re building and supporting awake, emotionally mature, accountable, powerful and compassionate male leaders and role models. By taking action, you’re changing what it means to be a man in our culture.

We all care deeply about the future of men and women, families, communities, and our planet. Help MKP USA help good men. Donations are fully tax deductible. 

Why Membership?

Men and women love this work … and they want to see it survive for the next generationsMembership in the ManKind Project USA is open to all! Becoming a Member makes a statement – that you believe we need good men working together to build stronger, safer, more compassionate families and communities. 

Membership is critical to our shared vision of a new way of being for men; to grow awake, powerful, accountable, emotionally mature, and compassionate male leaders and role models.

Membership contributions generate more than 50% of the revenues that support local and national efforts.

Membership Support:

  • Provides vital revenue to communities across the USA to help local community building efforts, local marketing and outreach efforts, group service projects, and more. Membership helps our communities stay alive, and vibrant.

  • It provides professional support to local Areas through Professional staff for IT Systems, Marketing, PR, Curriculum, Program Management, Risk Management, Finances, and much more.

  • It provides support to local men’s groups and ManKind Project Integrations Groups by creating and providing training and resources for facilitators.

  • Assists in the Development of new curriculum and trainings that connect 1000’s of new men and women to the work we do.

Membership – the Foundation for Nonprofit Success!

I am a Member of MKP because of the gifts I have received from it; namely a sense of belonging, of purpose bigger than myself and for the community I have gained. I believe in this work and want to be a part of its sustainability and that’s why I support the organization with a financial contribution. I’m grateful for the men who came for me and continue to be an active Member to be there for the next man.

Allan Hammond Area Finance Coordinator

I maintain active membership in The ManKind Project because I believe so much in the work of the organization. I’ve been affiliated with MKP for 10 years now, and I’ve been privileged to witness over and over the remarkable growth of men (myself included) who give themselves the gift of The New Warrior Training Adventure and then stay connected with the community and the work. MKP is one of those rare organizations that truly walks its talk. Throughout the organization, the trainings and the culture respect and enhance multi-cultural diversity, honoring the unique qualities each man brings to the community. I feel blessed to be part of an organization that aims to make the world a better place by developing mature men, by supporting each man to identify his purpose and to realize his personal mission in life.

Bruce Cornwell Sacred Dolphin

Going through the NWTA has been the single most healing experience I have had. I had a hard life and have been through many experiences that left me believing I was less than others, that I did not belong and never would be good enough. On the drive home I had to pull over and found myself sobbing hard. It wasn't grief this time. It was gratitude. For the first time, I felt connected to everything, to other people, to the earth, the sky, to the God of my understanding. I felt as though the universe loved me, Loves ME, and that I am equal to all others. I am indebted to my dear friend for pushing me ever so gently to do this weekend. I also left knowing that this was only a beginning, that I had a long journey ahead of me and it is comforting to know that I am now a part of a very large BROTHERHOOD of men who are kind, loving, compassionate, empathetic and genuine. I am an active member today for continued growth and to help share this experience with other men who want to make a change in their life. Together we can heal the planet one new warrior at a time.

Dane Benson Warrior Dragon

I became a very successful workaholic my first 48 years of life with many successes. I was not happy, nor satisfied, could not be intimate, did not know myself at all and I had learned to hate parts of myself and to bottle up all emotions. My carpet on my NWTA was HUGE. It opened me to do dozens of more pieces of growth work. Today I can say that I am much happier, seldom have fear, love who I have become, and am able to deeply love many men and women. I continue to grow and flower each month thanks to what I have gotten from MKP! I will always be a member and advocate for membership!

Dave Roelant Beneficent Swan

I am an MKP member because our work is important to me and I want to support it. Each dollar that goes into my MKP membership is a vote for this work to continue and grow. I believe that "each man can make a profound difference in the world" and MKP is a great platform to empower men. It is a great community of men where we support each other and help each other to become the best version of ourselves. MKP has helped me evolve into a better leader, father, husband, friend, and human. I am an MKP member because I love my MKP brothers.

Danny Trutmann LIT and Multi-cultural Chair

I am a member of MKP because I had three family members who went through the weekend before me who benefited greatly from it and encouraged me to go. But I didn’t go right away. In fact, I held off from going for nearly 15 years, despite their yearly pitches to me to go. It wasn’t until my personal and professional life crashed simultaneously and I desperately needed help that I decided it was time to go to a weekend. And it changed my life. I enjoy the continuous growth curve it keeps me on, the emotional maturity skills it teaches me, and the brotherhood. It’s a tremendous support system that is well worth my annual membership investment.

Scott Ostrom Kodiak Bear

A few years ago I became a supporting member. I didn't start making more money, nor did my expenses go down. Something just changed in me and I realized that, while I couldn't give a lot, I could give a little, and that I wanted to give what I could. Now each month a small amount of money is automatically deducted from a credit card, and I never even miss it. I can't even claim that I am 'making a sacrifice’. But when I look at that credit card statement each month I feel good that I took a minute to set up that automatic deduction. What a painless way to feel good about myself!! Think about setting up an automatic deduction. You would be doing it for your community, the world, and yourself. 

Don Wesemann -Don Wesemann

There is a great deal more that is available to each of us who are members. I invite each of you who are not yet members to consider what your life would be like without this community and then give what you can to keep this going for other men who don't yet have what we have.

Harry Asher Grateful Grandfather Wolf Bear

As a kid, I never really thought much about money. That was easy because there wasn’t much to think about. Mom paid the few bills  and “food was adequate.” Reflecting as an adult, I was impressed by my little brother’s small and steady incremental saving habit as a kid. He grew up to be our in-house ‘Family Savings & Loan” company, for me, my siblings AND my mom. Eventually, I adopted his prudent ways with money by allowing my credit union to deduct from my monthly check various needs like Christmas savings, car loan (used car), etc. That way “I” would not have to ‘think’ about it. However, two things I DID think about were going to the movies and a frozen yogurt afterward. Well, with one less movie and frozen yogurt treat per month, my $15 automatic deduction supports my MKP membership. AND, MKP is an organization of men, with love and joy, I DO think about!

Aubrey Chevalier Embracing Eagle

In the house that I grew up in, my parents split the bills, since they both worked and both had money. They didn’t really talk about finances unless a bill got missed. Then they’d argue. I’ve done a ton of work around my own awareness of money over the years. As a TV writer, actor and coach, my income fluctuates wildly. I’ve had years where I earned 30k and years where I’ve earned more than 100k. It depends on the jobs I book and how long they last. I give to a number of charities (including my church) throughout the year. I love MKP and want to support it, too. 

Steve Harper Laughing Bear emerging from sleep

By doing and staffing NWTA's and attending I groups I've been able to put aside many Unproductive long held beliefs that were limiting both my progress and the progress of others. I've developed a practice that includes "paying it forward" and donating to organizations that are devoted to making a difference in the world. We all get telemarketing calls and mail asking us to contribute to _____ cause. I used to never contribute to any of them because I was very skeptical as I thought it was a "money grab" by them needing to support their cause. I'm a very analytical person who takes action and then sees the results. I've seen that when I donate to organizations that I find value in, more good things happen to me in my life then before I did. I invite everyone to contribute as your budget allows and allow the "universe" to bring more good into your life as a result!

Rob Hodes Soaring Eagle

I chose to become a member of Mankind Project USA because of the impact it has had on both my brother and my dad. My brother was the first to get involved. I noticed after his warrior weekend that his communication style changed. He had returned with an intuitive way of expressing himself by standing up for his thoughts and feelings while also sensing and responding to my reactions in a mindful way. A few years later, my dad decided to participate in the warrior weekend as well. The first word that comes to mind to describe him when he returned is "excited." The way he spoke to me on the phone made me tear up because I could feel the genuine excitement and relief in his voice from having gone through this life changing experience.  My brother ... asked me if I would be willing to become a member and donate to the program. It made me feel like I could be part of the program that has helped both my brother and my dad. It made me feel included.

Whitney Rowley

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Membership in MKP USA open to anyone?

YES. Any person who supports our cause, to build a culture of healthy masculinity and a more just and loving society is welcome to become a Member of MKP USA.

I'm a New Warrior - aren't I already a member?

On a Saturday night, some time in the past, you claimed your place as a New Warrior brother. You will hold that distinction for the rest of your life. As part of the brotherhood, you receive the benefits that come with being a New Warrior brother; participation in community events and councils, sitting in I-Group, access to our world-class leadership training programs, and more. Being an MKP USA Member is about giving in service to the cause of the ManKind Project. It’s about supporting the vision and making sure the work will be here for the generations. 

How much is the MKP USA Membership?

Our suggested Annual Membership contribution is $150-180/year ($12-15/month). We encourage you to support MKP with an amount that works best for you. In making your decision, consider your Head, Heart and Wallet – Give from your bounty. And don’t hurt yourself financially. The true currency of membership is your commitment to this noble endeavor. Your financial commitment helps us to carry it forward in the world.

Is my Membership Gift Tax Deductible?

YES. Membership contributions to the ManKind Project USA are fully tax deductible. The ManKind Project USA is a Gold Star Rated 501(c)(3) Non-Profit on GuideStar. 

What do I get for being a Member?

Most importantly, you’ll get the knowledge that you are part of a movement to heal our society.

 You’ll also receive some great perks.

  • ‘Check In!’ Newsletter, keeping you inspired and up to date on our progress in reaching our vision of 1,000,000 men in ManKind Project sponsored circles, doing the work of recreating masculinity for the 21st century.
  • A PDF copy of Bill Kauth’s foundational book “Circle Of Men; The Original Manual for Men’s Support Groups.”
  • Discounts on a number of MKP USA Sponsored Online Trainings – including “Epic Leadership” the “Man on Purpose Course” and the “RISC Relationship Course”
  • An MKP window decal for your car.
  • A set of New Warrior Training Adventure cards.