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Bennie Naude

I initiated in Feb 1998 and truth be told – I hated my weekend! I was uncomfortable receiving the very thing I’d really wanted in my life – being challenged, supported and encouraged by men; challenged to be ME, to play a bigger game in life, to live my life to the full.

Even though I did not enjoy the experience I knew that I’d found something of huge value there, and my life today proves it. Having been constantly challenged for over 10 years to accept myself as I am has totally changed my life. Accepting ALL of me means those parts that I’m not particularly proud of and ALSO the parts of me that are great.

As I stepped into my inner leadership and starting clarifying my own life purpose and mission I was able to start creating the life of my dreams – a life where I did the type of work I love and I’m passionate about, and a life where I am surrounded, challenged and supported by other mature men; where the size of my wallet or the car I drive or the way I comb my hair is irrelevant; where all that matters is one thing – wether or not I’m telling the truth.

I do not believe that the NWTA is for every man. For me, when I was ready to face the answers INSIDE myself, this was the place to go. I am eternally grateful for a group of men I am proud to call friends – who want nothing from me other than for me to be myself.

About Integration Groups

My mens’ group meet every two weeks; it is one of the most single important support systems I know.
Men that I’ve known for years, that expect me to tell the truth and are willing to accept me no matter what. Men who have seen my rage and my tears and my frustration and disappointments, my achievements and my joys; men who laugh and cry with me and who accept me no matter what.

To me, that’s priceless.



Bennie Naude July 22, 2016