Week 3: Course Outline

Week 3 Outline:

Ground Rules / Logistics / Confidentiality – Checking In. :: How We Show Up

Leaders will model and guide the check-in

  • (3 min) Welcome … Bless you for coming back!

Ground Rules

  • Confidentiality – What I say here is confidential. Outside this circle, I will not share another man’s words, actions, or identity. I will only speak of my own experience and personal insights. Assume that there are mandated reporters in attendance who have a legal responsibility to report cases of abuse or potential abuse.
  • Punctuality – The group will begin on time and end on time. If I arrive late, I will not interrupt the flow of the group.
  • Ethical Relationships – This is not a business group. No solicitations.
  • Non-Violence – Violence can be physical, verbal, emotional, or spiritual. I acknowledge that my words and actions have an impact on those around me. I take responsibility for my words and actions.
  • No Drugs or Alcohol – I will not attend the group while under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs. If I break this agreement I will tell the group and accept the choice of the group in handling this to create a safe space for the men present.
  • Participation – I will speak openly and truthfully in “I” statements (not “you” or “he” statements). Any man may pass at any time. Any man may STOP a process (especially in the service of maintaining safety). I am not here to give advice. If I want advice, I will ask for it specifically. I will ask permission before offering feedback. I am responsible for taking care of myself. If I need something, I will ask for it. If I have questions, I will ask

Check In

  • Body Centered Meditation
    Check-in: Name, City, Emotion … where it is in your body, a couple of lines about what the emotion means … feeling.
    Leaders model check-in

The Week #2 Question:

  • What was it like to go to someone you care about to ask them what they want you to hear?

Check in on readings from Week 2

  • Resistance – Pressfield. There are things that get in our way of doing the work that you’re here to do.
  • Shadow – Multiple meanings and ways of seeing ourselves and the world.

Deeper Check In

Limiting Beliefs

  • I show up as the man I want to be and live the life I want to live WHEN … (or IF)
    • What are the limiting beliefs, stories getting in the way.
    • We’re also speaking to your CHOICE about how you’re living your life.
    • There’s something rumbling in you. This is connected to the stories of resistance … to our shadows. 


  • Leaders invite the men into accountability – run it
        • Accountable – My balance sheet. How does what I say line up with what I do? 
        • Integrity / Congruent – How do I feel about my Accountability?
        • How do I impact the world? What is my impact? 
        • How can I take more responsibility for my side of the street?
          • Internal Pollution
          • External Pollution
          • My internal reality creates my external reality.
        • What do I let myself get away with?

Practicing Accountability

  • Leaders lead and model accountability. Lead with Golden Accountability.
    Is there a man in the circle who made a specific agreement in the past week, and KEPT IT? 
  • Who here wants to look at a piece of Accountability?
        • What was your commitment?
        • Did you keep the agreement?
        • Choice: If you Did NOT meet the commitment – What did you choose to do instead?
          If you DID meet the commitment – What could you have done instead? 
        • What is the impact on you?
        • What is the impact on those around you?
        • Shadow / Resistance : What’s the belief … under that? What is the old belief about yourself that this reinforces? 
        • Accountability: What do you want to do to move forward?
          What are you willing to do to be the captain of your ship? What is a simple action that you will take?

The Invitation:

We want to give you some tools. 

        • Deep Insight and Emotional Healing
        • Integration of your Archetypal Energies
        • Grounding Ritual
        • Tools for Accountability
        • Mission. Vision. Purpose.
        • Clearing
        • Tools for handling conflict and deep emotional charge
        • Tools for radically healing past trauma, wounds and injury.

Here’s what we will do: Send you more information. 

Here is the link to the Alumni Page

This page contains a number of resources for ongoing connection to the ManKind Project, including other men’s group opportunities.

Here are a couple of other links you may want to check out.

Q & A

(10 minutes)

Closing the Circle

Returning home. Telling the story. Going back to the ‘normal’ world. Blessing round.


What insight or learning are you taking away?
Did you get what you came for?


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