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Intercultural Advocates Circle Resources

MKPUSA values: Accountability, Authenticity, Compassion, Generosity, Integrity, Leadership, Respect and Intercultural Competency.

Four basic skills for Intercultural Competency include:

#1 Recognizes Cultural Identities in self and others

#2 Participates constructively in cultural conversations

#3 Models learning about cultural differences

#4 Forms mutual empowering relationships across cultural lines.

The purpose of the Intercultural Advocate Circle (IAC) can be summed up as:

  • Equitable Organization
  • Equitable Areas
  • Equitable Communities
  • Equitable Societies
  • Equitable Circles

Equitable: Actions, treatment of others, and culture characterized by justice, fairness, impartiality, and inclusion.

The IAC is accountable for:

  • Defining the concept of Intercultural competency as it applies in MKP USA
  • Assessing the intercultural competence levels and needs of MKP USA members and circles
  • Measuring the effectiveness of intercultural initiatives within MKP USA
  • Promoting effective programs, events, staff, and resources for developing intercultural competence
  • Reviewing protocols, policies, and communication for intercultural competence
  • Facilitating resolution of intercultural conflicts
  • Reviewing Multicultural references on MKP USA websites to reflect intercultural competence
  • Developing and infusing intercultural awareness and skills throughout MKP USA

IAC membership is designed to be as representative as possible of all cultures within MKP, with the proviso that, for safety, there be at least two men from any group.

For more information about the Intercultural Advocate Circle contact the circle’s lead