ManKind Project USA – The Door

Mankind Project USA Formal Concern Process

The Concern Process

Filing a Concern

  • Any person with a concern about a person’s behavior may submit a MKP USA Concern Form, which requests the type of Concern, people involved, who is affected, wants, and attempts to resolve the issue.
  • Upon receipt of a concern, Administration & Accountability will acknowledge receipt of it to the person with a concern.
  • Safer Circles and Communities assesses the behavior of a concern, particularly the degree of institutional risk, and determines the best course of action.
  • Actions may include:
    • Determining no action is necessary.
    • Imposing a temporary restriction due to significant risk until the response is completed.
    • Referring the Concern to the appropriate MKP role:  Ethics and Right Relationships, Mental Health Resource Team, Risk Management, Intercultural Advocate, a Society lead, an Area Steward, Reconciliation Support, etc.
    • Referring the Concern to the Lead/Supervisor when the issue is the competency of an employee or volunteer.

Response Principles

  • The process for responding is grounded in principles of safety, learning, and reconciliation.
  • These principles are expressed by:
    • Concern and response to persons who reported potentially unsafe behavior.
    • Concern for the health and well-being of MKP USA Areas, Communities, Societies, Groups, and other circles.
    • Concern for the integrity of MKP USA.
    • Congruence with MKP USA’s core values of accountability, authenticity, compassion, generosity, integrity, leadership, multicultural awareness, and respect.

Ethics & Right Relationships (ERR) Review Process

When Safer Circles & Communities refers a Concern to the ERR:

  • ERR assigns a responder team.
  • The team interviews Person With Concern (who filled out the form), witnesses, and Person Of Concern (whose behavior is at issue).
  • Responder(s) may determine that an alternative process (e.g., reconciliation meeting) may achieve a safe resolution and propose that to ERR and those involved.
  • The team completes its inquiry and makes a recommendation to ERR.
  • ERR determines whether to limit participation and/or to take some other action.
  • The ERR has the authority to limit participation in any MKP USA activities at any time if necessary to prevent harm to MKP USA and participants in its activities.
  • The Person With Concern, Person Of Concern, and the relevant Area or Society may appeal the ERR decision.