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MKP USA Ethics & Safety Policy

Effective Date: May 26, 2022


This Policy addresses the need for safety within MKP USA by giving authority to our core values of accountability, authenticity, compassion, generosity, integrity, leadership, intercultural competency, and respect.  (Part 1.b of the MKP USA By-Laws.)  It applies to any participant in any MKP USA activity, communication, meeting, and training.


Providing support accountability is the heart of this Policy.  If someone has an impact on others, we expect them, in the context of a formal review under this Policy, to hold themselves accountable by consulting others, acknowledging that impact, and willingness to explore solutions.  On the other hand, a refusal to hold oneself accountable for objectively harmful behavior is inconsistent with our core value of accountability and may violate this Policy.  The following standard implements this principle.

Standard 1 – Cooperation

I will discuss the impact of my behavior with one or more designated members of the Ethics and Right Relations Committee (ERR).  I will cooperate in any investigation of breaches of this Policy, e.g., by providing all information requested and ensuring that it is truthful.  I will not act to harm a person out of a belief that they raised a concern under this Policy or cooperated with a response to such a concern.  The ERR process is confidential and I will keep communications with the ERR confidential.


Standard 2 – Ethics

Consistent with the core values of respect, integrity, and leadership, I commit that I will not exploit the vulnerability of another person in MKP.

  1. That means I will not engage in any financial, ceremonial, therapeutic, sexual, or any other relationship that a person would reasonably construe to be exploitative to another individual.
  2. I acknowledge that a relationship may be exploitative/manipulative when I take advantage of my position of authority/influence in MKP USA to influence others beyond the scope of my role or responsibility and for personal gain.
  3. I understand that exploitation may occur at any time, is based on the impact, and may be unintended.


Standard 3 – Equality

Consistent with the core values of intercultural competency and respect, I will take no action that has the intention or impact of excluding from participation or otherwise harming a person based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, disability, religion, political affiliation, or age, except where making a distinction based on the characteristic is necessary for the fulfillment of MKP’s mission.

Interpersonal Harm

Standard 4 – Integrity

To avoid harm to others and consistent with the core values of integrity and respect, I will not, during any MKP activity or using any MKP communications mechanism, intentionally disseminate information that is (a) knowingly false or intentionally distorted or (b) imparted confidentially, except as required by law or MKP USA policy.

Standard 5:  Safety

Consistent with the core values of respect and compassion, I will not engage in or threaten intentional harm to a person (i.e., physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual) during an MKP activity, including through any MKP communications mechanism.  (This sentence may not apply when language is used as part of an individual doing process work in the safety of a container.)   I agree that if anyone calls “safety” during any activity, I will immediately stop what I am doing or saying and explore my impact.

Standard 6:  Respect

Because I commit to treat others (including MKP USA as an institution and its leaders) with compassion, generosity, and respect, I will not engage in bullying, harassment, or similar abusive behavior, i.e., conduct that is or seems intended to hurt another person and has a harmful impact on them.  I recognize that such behavior can be a single act or a pattern of seemingly minor behavior that persists after I become aware of its harmful impact.

Institutional Harm

Standard 7 – Compliance

Consistent with the core value of respect, I agree to follow the MKP USA Ethics and Safety Policy.

Creating Right Relationships

Providing Support

We aspire to treat each other well by recognizing our common humanity, assuming the best of and listening to each other, and being conscious of our impact.  Being humans, we will sometimes fail.  When the failure to do that has an interpersonal impact, we seek to communicate, set appropriate boundaries, see the situation as a learning opportunity, and seek and offer support.

Interpersonal Harm vs. Institutional Harm

Interpersonal conflict can be uncomfortable and cause hurt.  It becomes MKP USA’s concern when the conflict or behavior disrupts MKP USA activities, exposes MKP USA to unfavorable public scrutiny or legal action, or is dangerous (“institutional harm”) and this Policy is available to address it.  Before invoking this Policy by filing a formal concern, we ask and expect you to attempt to resolve it directly, perhaps using these resources and/or with support.  MKP USA recognizes that disputes involving men’s rights and dignities often are not simply interpersonal conflicts and thus may need institutional-level intervention.

Institutional Action

The Ethics and Right Relations Committee enforces this Policy by receiving and evaluating data about alleged transgressions, offering support accountability to persons whose behavior raises a concern, attempting to resolve situations where the parties are amenable to that, and, where necessary, imposing restrictions on participation where the threat of institutional harm makes that necessary.


MKP USA strives for fairness in enforcing this Policy by giving the Person Of Concern:  (1) notice of the Concern (though not who raised the Concern); (2) the opportunity to present evidence and arguments concerning the Concern; (3) the involvement of his chosen support person; and (4) the opportunity to appeal (all final decisions may be appealed).  Consistent with the principle of Equity and our core value of intercultural competency, the ERR considers how the different perceptions and experiences of members of targeted groups (see Standard 3) affects the way they speak and act, particularly when dealing with a person in a position of privilege.

Safer Circles & Communities

Safer Circles and Communities has overall responsibility for safety within MKP USA’s communities and circles.  See these Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the Ethics & Safety Policy.