ManKind Project USA – The Door

MKP USA Community and Circle Safety Policy

MKP USA, its leaders and members are responsible for providing a reasonably safe and welcoming environment for members, employees, volunteers, visitors and participants.
Safety is paramount in all MKP activities (I-Groups, Council meetings, trainings, community events and sponsored activities).
MKP USA takes threats, harassment, and violence seriously. MKP USA encourages everyone to engage if they occur.
The only exception is when men are involved in doing individual process work in a safe container to explore shadow as outlined in our trainings, PIT and I-Group Processes.
If an individual is the source of a direct threat or perceived threat to persons or property it is the responsibility of all involved to:

  • Immediately say “stop or safety”
  • Explain there may be a perceived threat and ask for clarification – ask if the there is intent to threaten, harass, or harm.
  • Ask for all to agree to no threats, harassments or violence.
  • Instruct anyone who will not agree to leave the activity.
  • Ask anyone if they would like assistance in communicating feelings/judgement in a authentically respectful way.

Repeat offenders and ongoing behavior

If someone has a continued pattern of threats, intimidation or harassment and boundaries have been set that continue to be ignored contact your local Area Steward, an MKPUSA community leader, or leader of the event  for assistance or file a complaint using the MKPUSA Formal Complaint process.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility!

This policy is not intended to stop people from doing their process work in an I-group. When a person is doing work it is in the confines of a sacred circle and a well defined process that has been established to allow a person to look at different aspects of themselves. The work is about them and with the intention of healing and growth. It is also being done with the consent and permission of all who are participating.