ManKind Project USA – The Door

Safer Circles & Communities

MKP USA views safety as everyone’s responsibility and its highest imperative.  Without safety, warriors cannot grow or create a challenging environment in which others can grow.  Our goal is to empower each warrior and circle to be safe by:

  • Safety Resources – Resources (best practices, videos, & trainings) to empower warriors and circles to create a safe and challenging environment.  These cover how to create safety, resolve conflicts, and deal with intercultural issues.
  • Safety Policies – Policies addressing harmful and disruptive behavior. The MKP USA Ethics and Safety Policy is here
  • The Formal Concern Process – If your attempts to resolve a problem directly and/or with support are unsuccessful, use the formal MKP USA process for addressing harmful and disruptive behavior by filing a formal concern.

MKP USA Safer Circles & Communities Team

The Safer Circles and Communities Circle is responsible for supporting MKP USA areas, communities, groups, societies, and members to be safe and congruent with MKP’s Core Values.  For more information, contact Kelley Macmillan

It works through four teams:

  • Community and Circle Safety Resources:  This team creates and educates about best practices that support circles in creating safety for their members.  For more information, contact Jim Katona
  • Reconciliation Support:  This team creates best practices, training, and other resources to support circles in resolving conflicts through mediation, reconciliation, etc.  For more information, contact Christopher O’Dell
  • Ethics & Right Relations (ERR):  ERR manages our process to deal with potentially disruptive and/or destructive behavior, respond to concerns, and restrict participation as necessary.  For more information, contact Kelley Macmillan
  • Administration & Accountability:  This team provides support to the other units, particularly ERR, and administers the MKP USA ethics process.  For more information, contact Randy Marks

Safer Circles and Communities welcomes ideas about how to strengthen our culture of safety and accountability.  We also are looking for team members.  To provide ideas or to volunteer, contact Randy Marks.