for Men of Color

(BIPOC: Black, Indigenous, People of Color)

Take Courageous Action.

We’ve launched a platform designed for the man starting out on his personal growth journey. It’s a course for men to take a first step into something unknown – a men’s group.

In just three short weeks we’ll give you a solid foundation for moving ahead in your life, and you won’t be going alone. Cohorts Launch Every Month

Jermaine Johnson is a Co-Creator & Facilitator of the Men’s Work BIPOC

The Journey Begins.

Men all over the world are hearing a wake-up call. Sometimes it’s hard to hear. The noise of ‘regular life’ can get very overwhelming. Some men are hearing the call all the time, but trying like hell to ignore it.

Are you one of these men?

The call is your soul’s longing. Longing to feel more powerful, to get unstuck, build better relationships, and feel like you’re really doing something to make your life matter. It’s about your connection, inspiration, passion, and fulfillment. Answering the call means taking a risk. And let’s face it, that can be a scary proposition.


This workshop was EXACTLY what I needed at this time in my life and I feel so blessed to have been a part of this container. I met a wonderful group of Black men like myself who inspired me to be a better man in all areas of my life and i plan on keeping in contact with them all for the rest of my natural life if possible.

James J.

The ability of these trainers to create a safe place for men to share and be vulnerable confirms the wisdom of the MKP approach to men’s work. I am looking forward to taking the NWTA when it becomes available.

Mike M.

Are you trying to get there on your own?

There is a place on the horizon where you will feel understood, connected, grounded, powerful.

We’re inviting you to the Men’s Work.

Take one step.

In our experience with over 70,000 men around the world … we’ve learned that men can only go so far alone. We can’t heal ourselves, our society, or our planet while we’re still behaving like lone wolves. We need connection. We need tools. We need maps that work. 

What you’ll get:

  • A space where Men Get Real
  • Deeper Self-Awareness
  • Communication Tools
  • Belonging & Connection to Self
  • Emotional Mastery Skills
  • A Brotherhood of Connection
  • A Path Forward to Energize Your Growth

What it is:

  • Maximum 14 Men per Cohort
  • 2 Facilitators
  • 3 Consecutive Weeks
  • 90 Minute LIVE Video Calls
  • High Impact Resources and Practices
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Free Ongoing Weekly Alumni Calls

‘the Men’s Work’ for Men of Color [BIPOC] is just $95

Your investment of $95 ($32 per 90 minute session!) is worth as much as you want out of it.
When you finish, you will have an open invite to weekly Alumni calls, new resources as they become available, and a connection to one of the largest and most respected men’s personal development organizations in the world, the ManKind Project.

This session of the men’s work is specifically BY and FOR men of color. Get your seat now.

Sold Out? Not Ready? Join the list.

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For Men of Color (BIPOC)

If you’d like to join a session exclusively created by and for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) men, we offer a session on Thursday night for you. The Facilitators in this session are all BIPOC men.

Complete the form to the right to be put on the alert list for the next available session if none are available above.

I found this program very powerful, and I learned a lot about myself.

Bob G.

The experience was great as it gave me many tools on being a better man for myself all those that matter to me. The language in expressing what I feel in my body was a game changer.

Gabriel C.

The Men's Work online course was inspiring and insightful. Not only did it clarify where I am at on my journey of this life, but also clearly defined resources and support to help me grow and expand. If you have made it far enough to be reading this testimonial, than you are already at the next step, sign up! You won't regret it. Thank you ManKind Project

Scott O.

I had already attended a New Warrior training and still found the Men's Work a profound experience and super helpful.

Glenn M.

The Men's Work is not only a great introduction to what the ManKind Project is all about, it is a chance for any man to learn how to connect more directly and deeply with himself and others. As with anything, you get out of it what you bring in: I highly recommend jumping in with both feet.

George R.

Mankind Project helped me see men in a different light. Knowing that there are many vulnerable men out there from all walks of life who are working to better themselves is a beautiful thing.

Cator S.

After auditing a local men's group and then attending the Men's Work online, I got the confidence to attend the NWTA program this past weekend. It was an amazing experience!

Lee D.

I cannot recommend this strongly enough! Being able to meet with men that could relate to me was absolutely amazing. This course let me know I am on the right path. Thank you, MKP!

Morgan S.

Allowing myself to be vulnerable with random men online was never something I thought I could do. After 3 weeks, I’m so inspired and feel like I could have given more of myself that first week. I’m jumping feet first at my next opportunity to be vulnerable.

Jonathan V.

The Men's Work sessions have reassured me that I'm not alone in my experience and that there are some amazing, insightful and introspective men out there willing to stand together, dig deep and be the the best men for ourselves, family, friends and the world. We can do better. And the Mankind Project has put out the call to action.

Andy W.

Virtual men's circles may just save the world...

Brett A.

I joined the first week very nervous. By then end of the second week I knew I had found a community that fostered honesty and hope. Today, after the third week, I am taking actions in my life I had given up on decades ago.


The wisdom gained from this experience was an understanding that crafting authentic mindfulness/awareness together as men is crucial to saving our world.

Randall W.

For any man seeking to not only understand himself, but also his place in the world and in his environment. ManKind provides the tools and methods to bring the best out of oneself. Thank you so much!!

Quentin V.

The MKP line group was Awesome! The feeling of being connected to other men and knowing that you are not alone in your struggles is empowering.

Jacob M.

I now see that there are tools to help me to be the man I want to be, especially the fellowship of good, like-minded men.

Francisco B.

Thank you for holding space, it means everything to be seen and heard, it fills me with power and encouragement to live as I desire!

Joakim K.

To genuinely to connect to yourself and to others who matter in your life, to be authentic, to explore the deep recesses that affect your life decisions unconsciously and then make positive changes, to be guided by genuine, experienced and kind Masculinity experts in your journey, to make life long sincere connections with other Men, your brothers, - if any of these are important for you then take this Men's Work program and show up!


My Men's Work work was an opportunity to tune out all the noise that accosts me during the day and focus only and completely on myself and experiences of other men. It is a unique experience, unmatched by anything else in life.


Meet Our Facilitation Team

Paul Newell

Paul Newell

Facilitator / Coach

Paul Newell is a coach and facilitator working with men on showing up and getting healthy in all areas of their lives. He’s a Leader in Training in the ManKind Project. He lives in New Jersey.

Jermaine Johnson

Jermaine Johnson


Jermaine was Initiated October 2015 in Silver Springs Florida. He is the Multicultural Coordinator for MKP Southeast and on the Executive Council For AFAM MKP.

Al Flemming

Al Flemming


Al completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in October 2018 in North Oxford, Massachusetts. He is a United States Air Force Veteran and father of 2 sons.

In Memoriam

Les Gaines

Les Gaines


Les Gaines is a father, husband, and men’s work facilitator from the Mid Atlantic Area, where he serves as the volunteer Area Steward.

Since we launched the Men’s Work in late 2018, over 1500 men have completed the three week course. Two men who were essential to our facilitation team in our early days of expansion have passed on. Here we honor their memories, and affirm our commitment to continue offering a loving, grounded, and spiritual place for men to begin their men’s work journey.