Primary Integration Training (PIT)

For Men Sitting In I-Groups who have not taken the NWTA
(NOTE: Having current or previous experience with ManKind Project Men’s I-Groups is a prerequisite)

An Evolutionary Leap for You, and for Your Men’s Group

Are you a man who has been regularly attending a ManKind Project I-Group who has not taken the New Warrior Training Adventure?

Do you feel like you’re missing some skills for facilitating and participating fully in the group?

Do you want to take the next step on this journey to deepen your internal development and learn new skills that you can bring back to your circle?

If you answered yes, this training is for you!

New Warriors – Do you have men sitting in your I-Group who have not yet taken the NWTA?

Are they hungry for more skills? There is a new training that is aimed at teaching these men many of the skills learned in the Primary Integration Training (PIT).

Get more skills. Learn more processes. Gain confidence and show up fully.


Who it’s for:

This course is for you if you have been sitting in a ManKind Project I-Group or have completed the ManKind Project’s ‘Circle of Men‘ Training and are ready to get more skills for your work with men in the group. 

Here’s what you’ll get in the training:


  • A chance to connect with other men like you who want to enrich their experience with MKP

  • A deep understanding of the flow of I-Group meetings

  • The context and purpose of the basic rounds and how to do them well

  • Exposure to core I-Group processes: Accountability, Clearing, Man in the Mirror, etc.

  • Deep dive into the foundations of MKP, including archetypes, shadow and mission

  • Experience with the processes and a chance to facilitate other men in small groups

“The wound is the place where the light gets in.”
~ Rumi

Your path to a stronger men’s group


Safety, Hero’s Journey & Mission – We’ll start with the fundamentals to create a container; understanding brave space, setting a context for our indivudual and shared adventure, and reflecting on purpose. 


Archetypes, Communication & D&I – Learn the fundamentals of the Archetypal context we use in our men’s groups, a set of tools for communication, and a 4 skill framework for building inclusivity.


Warrior Processes & Energy – Understand how we can support ourselves and each other with direct, clear communications, committments, and accountability.  We’ll focus on building personal congruency, and creating a spce where men trust and rely on one another to tell the truth.


The Clearing – A uniquely powerful way to face and work with tensions that arise in any relationship. The practice of Clearing is transformational. Learn to see the difficult interactions in your life through the lens of radical self-responsibility – taking ownership of what you bring changes everything. 


Magician Round & Processes – The beating heart of I-Group process, where men have the opportunity to be witnessed and supported in digging in to what they want for their lives. Learn some of the core processes we use to support and challenge ourselves and one another. 


King Round, Gold & We Work – Learning to acknowledge, witness, and bless the brilliance in ourselves and others is an act of love. In a culture that stresses dysfunctional ‘go-it-alone’ independence, we create space for connecting with our interdepence and seeing the gold in one another. 

Meet Your Facilitators

Initiated: September 2007
USA – Igroup Council Chair/ Lead
MKPUSA – MKP USA I-Group Council Chair Emeritus
MKPUSA I-Group Council USA – PIT/Core Training Series Lead

Josh Lives in Chicago with his wife and a yellow lab puppy. He’s a proud dad of a college-aged daughter. He completed the NWTA in September 2007 and he has been a deeply committed to MKP ever since: as a member of an I-Group, leading the trainings to support I-Groups and volunteering in various leadership roles.
Initiated: January 2002
Chicago Area – Communications Coordinator
Chicago Area – Web / IT Coordinator

David started his journey with MKP by completing the New Warrior Training Adventure in 2002. He continues to sit in circle as part of an I-Group. David has staffed over 19 weekends and is currently the Area Steward for the Chicago Community. He is very in involved in supporting men in their growth by facilitating trainings. David; “I do this because it connects to my mission.” David is very active as part of the GBTQ contingent in MKP.
Initiated: April 2008
MKPUSA C0-Leader Candidate

Jamie did his new warrior training in Minnesota in 2008. His background includes rugby, public policy, construction and non-profits. He is happily married and has help raise two daughters and several dogs.

Step Into Transformation

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