MKP USA Three Year Plan

Our Context: 

The ManKind Project USA has the best men’s initiatory training; the best network of peer facilitated men’s groups, integration groups and circles; a dedicated staff with technical skill in each of their respective areas; the support of initiated brothers, a growing membership, a passionate and engaged Board, Council, LKS, I-Group Council, Leader Body, MultiCultural Committee, and Elder Body; and an expanding array of resources.

The time has come for us to fulfill the promise of what the ManKind Project USA is, and can be, for men, women, children, communities and the planet.  The door to our future is open if we have the courage and will to pass through.

The ManKind Project USA Three Year Plan

We set out almost a year ago with the objective of inspiring the initiated men of  MKP USA to a committed membership culture.  Since September 2011, membership has increased by more than 41%.

As a result of the progress made during the first half of the year and the progress expected during the remainder of this year, MKP USA is poised to move into 2013 with powerful positive momentum.  MKP USA has confronted its legacy responsibilities head on, and we now move into the fullness of our potential.  We are a solid, well rounded organization that combines the expertise of a dedicated professional staff team, the specific wisdom and disciplines from each of our constituencies and the power and passion of a vital and committed volunteer army.

Critical Pathways to the Future

Invest in Growing and Developing Powerful Integration Groups and Circles

MKP USA envisions a robust volunteer army dedicated to supporting and expanding a flourishing network of Integration Groups, along with the many forms of circles already present in our work, and those yet to be born. This includes an integrated I-Group leadership facilitation track, expansion of virtual tools, documented best practices, and guidance to communities on ways to foster sustainable circles for men as they evolve through the transitions of their lives.  In support of literally thousands of circles of men, MKP USA envisions hiring a full time I-Group and Circles Coordinator during 2014.


Whether it is the wisdom of Elders, the grounding and depth of the LKS, the mastery of the Leader Body, the power of I-Groups, the empathy of MultiCultural Awareness, the passionate and skillful leadership of the Center Directors, MKP USA will continue to reintegrate functions of the many constituencies through mature stewardship and trustworthy relationship.  Constituencies will continue to sit together on the MKP USA Council presiding over budgets and financial stewardship of the organization and providing wise counsel to the governing body.  We must take advantage of the power and opportunity that awaits us when we unite and coordinate the efforts of all our constituencies.

Invest in Curriculum and Experiential Training that spans the adult lifecycle

While the NWTA is a powerful transformational training and our flagship training, it is time to begin work on the full line of trainings that complement and enhance the ManKind Project USA experience for men.  We will invest $45,000 per year for the next 3 years on trainings that appeal to new demographics and and address the fullness and wonder of the human lifecycle; trainings that provide the tools and experiential learning to help men grow up, wake up and show up in even stronger leadership and fullness at every point in their lives.

Member Relations

A robust and virtuous membership cycle will underpin the future growth and stability of our work. It is critical that the men of MKP USA are well informed about the ManKind Project’s work in the world.  While we will continue to expand our efforts to stay connected through the “Check In” Newsletter, Social Media, Blogs, and Webinars, we will also seek new and innovative ways to increase both vertical and horizontal communications to initiated men, members and the community at large.  Our connection to each other is at the heart of the organization and the basis of our collective service to one another and the world.  MKP USA will invest $45,000 per year for the next 3 years by hiring a Membership Coordinator for our organization.

Unify the Centers in a Powerful and Effective Way

MKP USA envisions the unification of as many as 20 centers in the first three years of unification. This unification will begin with consolidation of administrative details including bookkeeping, tax filings, and state registrations through an incremental bookkeeping function. It will then expand quickly as new capacity makes investment in the organizational capability possible.  Our goal is to remove as much of the administrative burden now carried by community leadership as possible in each Center so that men can focus on I-Group support, Open Circles, Outreach and Mission, Training Logistics, and Community Building.  MKP USA will invest $30,000 per year for the next two years and $60,000 in the third year to continue to build organizational capacity by hiring bookkeeping and administrative resources to relieve unified Centers of those burdens.

Continuing Investments in Marketing and Outreach

Investments in marketing through the MKP USA website, branding, social media, and other outreach programs are creating the visibility we need to help the next generation of men find their way to the MKP USA Community.  MKP USA has over 14,000 Facebook “fans” and is reaching an audience of over 300,000 people every week, and we are expanding our social footprint every day.  MKP USA will continue to focus investment and resources both in traditional marketing and in social media.

Identify and obtain grants, foundational and philanthropic dollars –  

Grants, foundation, and philanthropic dollars are essential in creating long term stability, planned growth and scalability.  In June of this year, MKP USA hired a Development professional with deep experience in these areas.  With the talent, experience and passion to get the job done, MKP USA expects to develop a philanthropic base for our organization in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and more.

Reduce MKP USA NWTA Fees to Centers

MKP USA and its Centers are currently dependent on income generated by the NWTA.  A transition away from reliance on NWTA fees and toward a sustainable membership program is central to the ongoing success of MKP USA.  As total membership grows, and membership revenue continues to grow, it creates an alternate form of revenue to support our organization.  Because of this growing membership support, MKP USA expects to reduce the per initiate fees paid by each Center to MKP USA by $25 per initiate at the beginning of 2013.  To make this possible we must reach 2500 paid memberships in 2012 with an average membership contribution of $100 annually.  We expect to further reduce fees by $25 per initiate in 2014 and 2015 as we hit Membership targets of 3,000 and 4,000 respectively.

Bringing the Future into the Present

This is the MKP USA 3 year plan and vision. Let us agree that it is acceptable to outperform this plan and grant ourselves the permission to do exactly that.  THE TIME IS NOW.  The time is NOW to fulfill the promise of what this work can do for men, women, children, communities and the planet. The door to the future is open if we have the courage to walk through.  We are the men we have been waiting for.

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