What to expect …

What to expect on the New Warrior Training Adventure

As we said before, this training is a hero’s journey. It’s not a workshop or a retreat. 

Once you arrive on site, you will complete your paperwork and proceed to check-in. You’ll be asked early in the process if you’re ready to ‘do whatever it takes’ to get what you came for.


Friday night is intended to be an abrupt separation from your normal life. The energy may feel confrontational and abrupt. You will be met by men in ways that are intended to be challenging. For your safety and the safety of each man on the weekend every man will be physically searched, and his belongings checked. Some of your things may be taken and kept safely until you depart. This is an alcohol and drug-free event. Clearly label any medications that you need to have with you.

Once this process is complete you will be asked to wait in a darkened room in silence.


The weekend will be full: with visualizations, group and individual exercises, life and mission planning, and challenging processes that will last into the night. You will learn about accountability and integrity, about expressing your feelings, what it means to be who you are, reflect on what you needed as a child, and have the chance to look at how all of these beliefs and issues shape your current adult life.

You will be up late and arise early. Your sleep may be less than usual. Showers will be with cold water to stimulate you. Smoking will be supervised and only on breaks. Your weekend diet will be restricted and may be lighter than usual.


At the heart of the weekend there is an individual bio-energetic process. Each man has an opportunity to take a deep look at his life; what’s working, what’s not working. You’ll be supported to dig deep; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

There are processes on the weekend that include nudity. There are processes on the weekend that include blindfolding. This can be scary. You can choose what works for you. If for any reason nudity is objectionable, speak to a Leader on the weekend. You may pass on any process.


The ManKind Project is not affiliated with any single spiritual or religious practice. We strive to create an open and welcoming environment for all men’s beliefs and non-beliefs. We invite you to contemplate what is “sacred” in your life.

One of the last processes on Sunday is a grounding and renewal process that uses heat and steam to reconnect men to their bodies, review the transformations of the weekend, and prepare to return home.

It is our intention to provide a supportive and challenging environment for each man. The ManKind Project has been conducting powerful personal growth experiences around the world for over thirty-five years with overwhelming positive feedback.

Over 90% of the men who attend this training describe it as a life-changing experience.

Once your weekend initiation is complete, you will be invited to continue the journey of your personal growth. There are additional training opportunities as well as men’s groups available to support you in building life-long connections in our Brotherhood.

We hope you’ll choose to continue the journey. 

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There is a longer FAQ Document available here.