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Safety Resources


MKP USA Ethics & Safety Policy

Community and Circle Safety Policy

Safety Guidelines and Policies

Safe & Brave Space

Safe Space, Brave Space, and Unsafe Space
Suggested place to start. Great place to understand expected behavior with tools/concepts to use in educating a circle or community on what is unsafe vs brave space.

Group Safety

I-Group/Men’s Groups Participant Rights

When MKP Participation May Be Contraindicated

Suicide Prevention

Conflicts and Relationships

Processes to Improve Interpersonal Relationships

Conflict Resolution Process

Conflict Resolution Demonstration Video

Introduction to Conflict Resolution Training

Shadow Watcher Training

Reconciliation Support Team: Contact Christopher O’Dell

Intercultural Resources

Intercultural Advocates Circle Resources

Intercultural Process Guide

Unpacking Power Privilege & Difference (UPPD) Training

Waking Up to Whiteness Training

Disruptive and Unsafe Behavior

Responding to Disruptive Behavior
Techniques for Areas, Communities, Societies, and other circles to respond to disruptive behaviors and conflicts before resorting to a formal concern process
Formal Concern Process

Mental Health Resource Team