MKP USA Board of Directors

Board Members:   José Antonio Mondelo (Chairman);  Ed Gurowitz (Chair Elect); Julien Devereux (Immediate Past  Chairman); Robert Powell (Secretary); Russell Kramp (Treasurer); Steven Miller (Area/Center Circle);  Rich Tosi (Founding President); Brad Bowers, Mike Elser, Paul Fogarty, Matt Kelly, Chris Kyle, Jon Levitt, Bob Oser, Rick Morgenstern,  (At-Large Board Members).

Ex Officio, Non Voting Board Members:  Francis Borchers, Harvey Brenneise, Nick Gargala, David Govaker, Bill Kauth, Dennis Shackley, Jim White, Don Yellovich.

José Antonio Mondelo, M.D.Chairman

On a Sunday afternoon eleven years ago when I completed my training I was convinced that I had found a new path to follow in my life. The opportunity to grow in all aspects of the man I want to be showed up in front of me. I’m a better partner, father, family and community member because of the more self-assured me I started to find then, and am still discovering now, as I continue to do my work. The sense of connection, camaraderie and brotherhood I have in MKP is unparalleled and greatly complements my life. Honored and blessed to be of service.

FAMILY: Celebrating 28 years of marriage to Loreta Marquez. Father of Mariano and Victoria.
CURRENT CITY: Montgomery, NJ
PAST EMPLOYMENT: After practicing as a doctor for several years I joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1992. Former Novartis Venezuela Business Unit Head where I managed medical affairs and marketing planning, promotional strategies and sales results for the line of immunology, oncology and transplant drugs of the company’s portfolio. In 1998 moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where I was contracted to work for the Worldwide Pharmacovigilance and Epidemiology Department of Eli Lilly & Co where I conducted safety surveillance of marketed drugs in the Americas and Asia/ Pacific regions and provided periodic safety information and adverse event reports on Lilly compounds as requested by F.D.A. and other regulatory agencies.
EDUCATION: M.D. (Pediatrician) Universidad Central de Venezuela – M.B.A. (Butler University)
CURRENT COMMUNITY: Metro NY Tri State / Central NJ Community

Ed Gurowitz, PhDChair Elect

Ed Gurowitz is a Psychologist by training – whose career began in brain research, and segued to clinical psychology (psychotherapy) and then to organizational psychology. He began consulting to organizations in 1980, spent 10 years as an est/Landmark Forum trainer from 1981 to 1991 and then resumed practice as a consultant, trainer and coach, which continues to this day. His current work centers on changing the global game in the direction of inclusionary leadership through gender partnership, environmental sustainability, and the shift from pure profit to “for benefit” as the guiding principle of business.

Ed came to MKP late in his life’s journey at the behest of his business partner, Ray Arata. In MKP, he discovered the possibility of mature masculinity and the magic that is there when men sit in circle.

CURRENT CITY: Incline Village, NV
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Consultant, Partner Gender Leadership Group
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Clinical Psychologist, Trainer, Consultant
EDUCATION: B.A. Psychology Cornell University, PhD Psychology University of Rochester
CURRENT COMMUNITY: Northern California

Julien Devereux, Ph.DImmediate Past Chairman

Julien Devereux is the MKP USA Chair and Leads the Curriculum Development, Risk Management and Equitable Community Initiative for the Mankind Project USA. Julien also is a certified trainer in Integrative Breathwork, Gender Reconciliation, and completed his PhD at California Institute of Integral Studies in Transformative Studies in 2012. Julien has been a licensed social worker, addictions therapist, business coach, clinical consultant and supervisor over the past 30 years. He considers himself to be a Transformer for individuals, families, and organizations. Currently retired most of the work he does is pro bono for organizations like MKP USA, Directions 12 and Burning Tree Programs. Julien is married to Barbara Devereux for 43 years and has two daughters Michelle and Annie. His mission is to create a joyful and compassionate universe by loving life and exercising his freedom.

FAMILY: Married 43 Years, 2 Daughters
PAST EMPLOYMENT: LCSW, Addictions Counseling, Clinical Consultant and Supervisor
EDUCATION: PhD California Institute of Integral Studies

Robert Powell, Ph.DSecretary

Robert PowellMKP brought Robert the tools he needed to change the course of his life with integrity and put him on the path of leadership. His work in MKP has enabled him to support his Brothers and empower hundreds of men to find their own paths, both on NWTAs and in the Greater Washington and other communities. His current work on the MKP USA Board serves his mission of creating sacred space for change through acceptance and compassion for himself and others.

FAMILY: Widowed/No children, Currently partnered
PAST EMPLOYMENT: SRA International/Project Manager/2001-2011, Northrup Grumman/Project Manager/1999-2001
EDUCATION: Fordham University, Ph.D. 1974

Rich Tosi Founding President

As a co-founder, MKP has profoundly impacted my life. It has become the focus of my life.

FAMILY: Married 44 years to Char Tosi. Two sons, Tony and David plus 4 precious grand children
PAST EMPLOYMENT: General Motors – 20 years, senior industral engineer
Marine Corps – 10 year, Captain, combat decorated
EDUCATION: BA in Chemistry/math minor

Steven Miller Center Council Chair

Russell Kramp Treasurer

The weekend and staffing have brought awareness of the impact I can make on the world. I see men in a loving accepting way. I make a difference in the world daily.

FAMILY: I am married with 3 children, daughter Erin-35, son Brian-25 and son Gabriel 7.
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: UBS Financial Vice-president investments 40 years
EDUCATION: BA English Franklin Pierce University

Michael K Elser At-Large Board Member

It will take wide awake, grown up men to stand up for a better world and show up to do the work.  That is the work of MKP USA; that is OUR work.

MKP was the beginning of personal for work for both my wife and I. That work has brought us infinitely closer in our relationship with each other, with our children and grandchildren; it has also helped Donna and I become very clear on what our work really is.

FAMILY: Married 42 years to the same lovely woman; two children both married and two grand daughters
CURRENT CITY: Portsmouth, NH
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Owner & President – New England Business Opportunities, Inc
Owner & Principle – Pak Mail 130, LLC
EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts in Music; Masters in Woodwind Pedagogy; Chartered Financial Planner; Certified Life Underwriter

Brad Bowers At-Large Board Member

Brad BowersMKP has been an incredibly powerful influence on my life, and on those whom I am in relationship with. It has helped me to show up more authentically and vulnerably in my relationships, deepen my understanding of who I am, and be of service to others. I am a firm believer that MKP is changing the world for the better, one man at a time.

FAMILY: Married to Jennifer Bowers
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: BlackInc (Founder, Managing Director, 2003-Present)
PAST EMPLOYMENT: CNET Networks (now CBS Interactive)
EDUCATION: Bachelors of Science in Management, Tulane University


Matt Kelly At-Large Board Member

Matt KellyMatt describes his initiation and sitting in I-Group as the “Most important thing he has ever done for himself”. His New Warrior Training in May of 2008 provided insights into his belief system that helped to bring long-hidden beliefs out of shadow. His family would say that he is a better husband, father, and friend.

Matt continues to be active in his local MKP Community in Durango, CO and the New Mexico area while serving on the MKP USA Board and Council.

FAMILY: Married to Cheri Kelly for 22 years. They have one teenage son – Malcolm Kelly.
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Momentum Personal Finance – Writer|Facilitator|Coach
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Adjunct Management Professor, Fort Lewis College, Race Director, Durango Double
EDUCATION: BA University of Evansville and Master of International Management Thunderbird School of Global Management


Christopher Kyle At-Large Board Member

MKP has completely changed my life since I went through my weekend at 32 years old. I got super honest with myself, learned to take account for my actions and found the path to truly opening my heart to myself and to others. I am passionate about working with other men to help them heal, grow and live passionately.

FAMILY: Married to Charmaine Kyle, no children
CURRENT CITY: Sausalito, California
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Ascendant Company, Founder/CEO, 2008 to Present
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Evolving Wisdom LLC, Chief Marketing Officer, 2011
EDUCATION: BA in Political Science from Stanford University
CURRENT COMMUNITY: Northern California

Jon Levitt At-Large Board Member

Jon LevittI’ve witnessed profound transformation of my life and the lives of thousands of men, women and children over 23 years and have seen men living mission spool up hundreds of organizations and efforts in service of the future of humanity.

FAMILY: Married with two children
CURRENT CITY: Bridgewater, New Jersey
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Managing Member / JSA Business Development, LLC / 8 years
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Merrill Lynch, Registered Principle 10 years
EDUCATION: B.A. Psychology
CURRENT COMMUNITY: Metro NY Tri State / Central New Jersey Community

Paul Fogarty At-Large Board Member

PaulFogartyMKP changed my life at and since my weekend many times. I don’t know of any other organization which is directly addressing the core issue of humankind, dealing with and integrating our shadow states and serving from that place. I co-evolve a good, true and beautiful world by joyfully facilitating the dance of transformation is an aspiration I cannot let go of….even if I wish I could.

FAMILY: Married / Two children Gaia and Sophia and three new children I’m getting to know through marriage.
CURRENT CITY: Berkeley Springs, WV
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Gardener – facilitator
EDUCATION: Degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Integrated Liberal Studies, Cultural/linguistic Anthropology


Rick Morgenstern At-Large Board Member

I experienced the loss of divorce, and was introduced to this work in that healing process. I have been active for 15 years, and I do this work to both help married men become mature husbands, and help young men prepare themselves for mature relationship.

FAMILY: Married, 6 children
CURRENT CITY: Bloomington, IN
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Owner, Morgenstern Booksellers
Owner, Little Stars Childcare
PAST EMPLOYMENT: VP Strategic Communication, Colorado Access 2011-2012
Leadership Institute of New Sudan, Exec Director 2010
EDUCATION: Indiana University, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies, 1983

Bob Oser At-Large Board Member

BobOserAs a result of MKP I am far more in touch with my feelings and live life with a full range of emotions. I have connected with others on a much deeper and more personal level and am more emotionally available to those in my life. In addition, I am able to better open my heart and connect with family and friends.

FAMILY: Married to Deborra Oser for 26 years. Three children – Kevin & Steven & Carrie. Six grandchildren – four boys & two girls. My two sons are also warriors.
CURRENT CITY: Louisville, KY
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Worked for The Seagram Company Ltd for 35 years, 6 months and 11 days almost exclusively in Human Resources.
High School Math and Physics teacher for 2
EDUCATION: BS in Math, minor in Physics. MS in Organizational Management and Human Resource Development

The ManKind Project is a global nonprofit [501 (c)(3)] charitable organization that conducts challenging and highly rewarding programs for men at every stage of life. The ManKind Project supports a global network of peer-facilitated men's groups where men mentor men through the passages of their lives. The ManKind Project empowers men to missions of service, supporting men to make a difference in the lives of men, women, and children around the world. We help men through any transition, men at all levels of success, men facing almost any challenge. Our flagship training, described by many as the most powerful men's training available, is the New Warrior Training Adventure. The ManKind Project (MKP) is not affiliated with any religious practice or political party. We strive to be increasingly inclusive and culturally aware.