An Investment in Healthy Manhood and Societal Healing

By supporting the ManKind Project USA, you are building community for conscious men: providing space for healing, accountability, emotion, and vision, and supporting the creation of a safer and more equitable society for all people. The ManKind Project is supported by men and women who are dedicated to creating a more vibrant and beautiful world for all.

Membership is for everyone! Learn more. Membership comes with a number of perks, but the reason to join is to support healthy masculinity, supportive community, and a more loving and just world for all.

The ManKind Project USA faces the uncertain future with a determination to maintain our mission. Your gift supports our continuing growth through challenging times. 

I chose to become a member of Mankind Project USA because of the impact it has had on both my brother and my dad. My brother was the first to get involved. I noticed after his warrior weekend that his communication style changed. He had returned with an intuitive way of expressing himself by standing up for his thoughts and feelings while also sensing and responding to my reactions in a mindful way. A few years later, my dad decided to participate in the warrior weekend as well. The first word that comes to mind to describe him when he returned is "excited." The way he spoke to me on the phone made me tear up because I could feel the genuine excitement and relief in his voice from having gone through this life changing experience.  My brother ... asked me if I would be willing to become a member and donate to the program. It made me feel like I could be part of the program that has helped both my brother and my dad. It made me feel included.

Whitney Rowley

By doing and staffing NWTA's and attending I groups I've been able to put aside many Unproductive long held beliefs that were limiting both my progress and the progress of others. I've developed a practice that includes "paying it forward" and donating to organizations that are devoted to making a difference in the world. We all get telemarketing calls and mail asking us to contribute to _____ cause. I used to never contribute to any of them because I was very skeptical as I thought it was a "money grab" by them needing to support their cause. I'm a very analytical person who takes action and then sees the results. I've seen that when I donate to organizations that I find value in, more good things happen to me in my life then before I did. I invite everyone to contribute as your budget allows and allow the "universe" to bring more good into your life as a result!

Rob Hodes Soaring Eagle

In the house that I grew up in, my parents split the bills, since they both worked and both had money. They didn’t really talk about finances unless a bill got missed. Then they’d argue. I’ve done a ton of work around my own awareness of money over the years. As a TV writer, actor and coach, my income fluctuates wildly. I’ve had years where I earned 30k and years where I’ve earned more than 100k. It depends on the jobs I book and how long they last. I give to a number of charities (including my church) throughout the year. I love MKP and want to support it, too. 

Steve Harper Laughing Bear emerging from sleep

As a kid, I never really thought much about money. That was easy because there wasn’t much to think about. Mom paid the few bills  and “food was adequate.” Reflecting as an adult, I was impressed by my little brother’s small and steady incremental saving habit as a kid. He grew up to be our in-house ‘Family Savings & Loan” company, for me, my siblings AND my mom. Eventually, I adopted his prudent ways with money by allowing my credit union to deduct from my monthly check various needs like Christmas savings, car loan (used car), etc. That way “I” would not have to ‘think’ about it. However, two things I DID think about were going to the movies and a frozen yogurt afterward. Well, with one less movie and frozen yogurt treat per month, my $15 automatic deduction supports my MKP membership. AND, MKP is an organization of men, with love and joy, I DO think about!

Aubrey Chevalier Embracing Eagle

There is a great deal more that is available to each of us who are members. I invite each of you who are not yet members to consider what your life would be like without this community and then give what you can to keep this going for other men who don't yet have what we have.

Harry Asher Grateful Grandfather Wolf Bear

A few years ago I became a supporting member. I didn't start making more money, nor did my expenses go down. Something just changed in me and I realized that, while I couldn't give a lot, I could give a little, and that I wanted to give what I could. Now each month a small amount of money is automatically deducted from a credit card, and I never even miss it. I can't even claim that I am 'making a sacrifice’. But when I look at that credit card statement each month I feel good that I took a minute to set up that automatic deduction. What a painless way to feel good about myself!! Think about setting up an automatic deduction. You would be doing it for your community, the world, and yourself. 

Don Wesemann -Don Wesemann

I am a member of MKP because I had three family members who went through the weekend before me who benefited greatly from it and encouraged me to go. But I didn’t go right away. In fact, I held off from going for nearly 15 years, despite their yearly pitches to me to go. It wasn’t until my personal and professional life crashed simultaneously and I desperately needed help that I decided it was time to go to a weekend. And it changed my life. I enjoy the continuous growth curve it keeps me on, the emotional maturity skills it teaches me, and the brotherhood. It’s a tremendous support system that is well worth my annual membership investment.

Scott Ostrom Kodiak Bear

I am an MKP member because our work is important to me and I want to support it. Each dollar that goes into my MKP membership is a vote for this work to continue and grow. I believe that "each man can make a profound difference in the world" and MKP is a great platform to empower men. It is a great community of men where we support each other and help each other to become the best version of ourselves. MKP has helped me evolve into a better leader, father, husband, friend, and human. I am an MKP member because I love my MKP brothers.

Danny Trutmann LIT and Multi-cultural Chair

I became a very successful workaholic my first 48 years of life with many successes. I was not happy, nor satisfied, could not be intimate, did not know myself at all and I had learned to hate parts of myself and to bottle up all emotions. My carpet on my NWTA was HUGE. It opened me to do dozens of more pieces of growth work. Today I can say that I am much happier, seldom have fear, love who I have become, and am able to deeply love many men and women. I continue to grow and flower each month thanks to what I have gotten from MKP! I will always be a member and advocate for membership!

Dave Roelant Beneficent Swan

Going through the NWTA has been the single most healing experience I have had. I had a hard life and have been through many experiences that left me believing I was less than others, that I did not belong and never would be good enough. On the drive home I had to pull over and found myself sobbing hard. It wasn't grief this time. It was gratitude. For the first time, I felt connected to everything, to other people, to the earth, the sky, to the God of my understanding. I felt as though the universe loved me, Loves ME, and that I am equal to all others. I am indebted to my dear friend for pushing me ever so gently to do this weekend. I also left knowing that this was only a beginning, that I had a long journey ahead of me and it is comforting to know that I am now a part of a very large BROTHERHOOD of men who are kind, loving, compassionate, empathetic and genuine. I am an active member today for continued growth and to help share this experience with other men who want to make a change in their life. Together we can heal the planet one new warrior at a time.

Dane Benson Warrior Dragon

I maintain active membership in The ManKind Project because I believe so much in the work of the organization. I’ve been affiliated with MKP for 10 years now, and I’ve been privileged to witness over and over the remarkable growth of men (myself included) who give themselves the gift of The New Warrior Training Adventure and then stay connected with the community and the work. MKP is one of those rare organizations that truly walks its talk. Throughout the organization, the trainings and the culture respect and enhance multi-cultural diversity, honoring the unique qualities each man brings to the community. I feel blessed to be part of an organization that aims to make the world a better place by developing mature men, by supporting each man to identify his purpose and to realize his personal mission in life.

Bruce Cornwell Sacred Dolphin

I am a Member of MKP because of the gifts I have received from it; namely a sense of belonging, of purpose bigger than myself and for the community I have gained. I believe in this work and want to be a part of its sustainability and that’s why I support the organization with a financial contribution. I’m grateful for the men who came for me and continue to be an active Member to be there for the next man.

Allan Hammond Area Finance Coordinator

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Other Ways to Give

Diversity Funds

The ManKind Project USA has a number of ways to support growing diversity in our circles and organization. If you, like so many of us in MKP, care about the diversity of our circles, learn more about the various funds.

Donor Information

MKP USA is registered as a 501(c)3 corporation. Donations are fully deductible. MKP USA Letter of Determination 501(c)(3) Status Information – MKPUSA Determination Letter 2014. View our Audited financial statements and Donor Bill of Rights. Corporate Mailing Address: Corporate Mailing Address: ManKind Project USA, 141 North Pleasant Street, PO Box 941, Amherst, MA 01004. Charitable Solicitation Disclosure Statements are available for all states.



Broadcast Advertising

MKP USA has a dedicated opt-in only email list for advertising highly relevant personal growth opportunities for men and women. This list is available to organizations and individuals wishing to get the word out to New Warriors across the United States about upcoming events. Learn more by clicking here.

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Facebook Giving Campaigns

The ManKind Project USA is registered on Facebook as a 501(c)(3), making it possible to create fundraisers to support the organization directly through the Facebook platform. Your Facebook Giving Campaign will directly benefit MKP USA, and may be shared to your Area or Society. Learn more by clicking here

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Amazon Associates Shop

Amazon Associates is a commission based program through Amazon that provides up to 7% return on purchases made through an Amazon link for the ManKind Project USA. This is a far better rate than that provided by Amazon Smile, but may be perceived as more difficult to use. There are multiple ways to use the service. You can find a link to an Amazon Associates shop through the MKPConnect Info Links block. You can use the search bar on your local web site (in the side bar). You can also click on this link to be taken to on the ManKind Project’s Associate’s Account.

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ManKind Project Logowear / MKP Store

Click Here to purchase logowear from the MKP Store. TShirts, Hats, Sweatshirts, and more.

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Foundations/Granting Organizations

MKP USA is delighted to be in association with multiple foundations and granting organizations around the country. For information about how to become involved on behalf of your organization, please contact Joseph Losi at

For ManKind Project USA’s 990, Donor Bill of Rights and/or Auditor’s Opinions, please refer to MKP USA Financial Information. For MKP USA’s IRS Letter of Determination, download by clicking here.

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Corporate Matching

We have actively partnered with corporations across the USA who provide employer matching programs for nonprofits such as the ManKind Project USA. If your employer has a matching program, it’s easy to get started.

You will need to provide your employer with proof of the ManKind Project USA’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit status (Letter of Determination provides this information), and you will need MKP USA’s EIN (Employer Identification Number: 36-3712913). Your employer may have a form to be completed to set up the match. Additional financial information can be found on our website under MKP USA Financial Information.

If you need additional assistance, please contact MKP USA Finance (, and contact your company’s HR or Benefits Department.

MKP USA is proud to be registered as a recognized charitable organization by the following Corporate Matching programs:

  • United Way
  • Easy Match
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Combined Federal Campaign (for government employees)

Use this form to register your organization or learn more.


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Used Vehicle and Property Donations

Here is an easy, low maintenance way to bring in funds through people donating used cars, boats, motorcycles, motor homes, time shares, even houses and property. This can be setup and run with only 1 man. Time commitment is only an hour per quarter (at minimum) – sending out awareness emails about the program with the contact information for completing the donation. The time commitment can increase if you wish to extend the advertising and awareness of this program to more of the surrounding community (i.e. with printed flyers, announcements at events, etc).

How it Works:

Cars, Inc., 4669 Murphy Canyon Road, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92123, coordinates the entire process nationally. Once setup, a donor simply calls toll-free 844-MKP-4-CAR (844-657-4227) or visit the website here – You will use the 844 number and the website link in your awareness emails and advertisements. The 844 number and website ties directly to Cars, Inc. who picks up and/or arranges towing for the vehicle(s). Cars Inc. takes care of any title or DMV issues if necessary, and sells the vehicle(s) at auction or by other means. Once the vehicle is sold, your community receives 80% of the proceeds minus any expenses for towing, auction fees, etc. Cars, Inc. sends a check directly to MKP USA on behalf of your community. Donations worth more than $500 will receive a 1098C tax form for the donor to write off taxes if the donor provides a social security number.

Bob Oser in the Kentucky area has been running this program for several years. If you have questions, you can contact him at You can also contact Sultani Trip at for assistance.

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Kroger Family of Food and Convenience Stores Community Rewards

MKP Communities can receive funding as a percentage of the shopping of participating members and their families through their store rewards card(s). This can be setup and maintained by 1 man in the community, and requires less than/up to 1 hour per quarter for program maintenance for 1 man (send out email and other program reminder announcements encouraging participation, where to shop to benefit, and where to go to sign up).

How it Works:

Register your Area/Community/Center at the appropriate store/brand website for the brands that are in your area. You must register at your specific store/brand website for each brand in your area to have your Area as a registered charity for that store brand. Find the store brands for your area below. Then proceed to next step below to register with the particular store(s)/brand(s) that are in your Area.

Specific Kroger brands list (by area):
Alabama Kroger
Alaska Fred Meyer
Arizona Fry’s Food & Drug, Fry’s Marketplace, Smith’s
Arkansas Kroger, Kroger Marketplace
California Food 4 Less, Foods Co., Ralphs
Colorado City Market, King Soopers, King Soopers Marketplace
Georgia Kroger
Idaho Fred Meyer, Smith’s
Illinois Food 4 Less, Kroger
Indiana Food 4 Less, Jay C, Kroger, Kroger Marketplace, Owen’s, Pay Less Super Markets, Scott’s, Ruler Foods
Kansas Dillons Food Stores, Dillons Marketplace
Kentucky Kroger, Kroger Marketplace
Louisiana Kroger
Michigan Kroger
Mississippi Kroger
Missouri Dillons Food Stores, Gerbes Super Markets, Kroger
Montana Smith’s
Nebraska Baker’s, Food 4 Less
Nevada Food 4 Less, Smith’s
New Mexico City Market, Price Rite, Smith’s
North Carolina Kroger
Ohio Kroger, Kroger Marketplace
Oregon Fred Meyer, QFC
South Carolina Kroger
Tennessee Kroger, Kroger Marketplace
Texas Kroger, Kroger Marketplace
Utah City Market, Smith’s, Smith’s Marketplace
Virginia Kroger
Washington Fred Meyer, QFC
West Virginia Kroger
Wyoming City Market, King Soopers, Smith’s

Below is a list of links to store/brand websites.  Choose the one(s) that apply to your area and register your community. You then use these links in your promotional materials for individuals to register their rewards shopping cards and link them to your Area. You will need to drive your constituents to the applicable website to register in order to have their purchases count towards your funding. Unfortunately, not all brands are offering a rewards program at this time. All are marked accordingly.

MKP Contacts for this program – Bob Oser (Kentucky) at, or Sultani Trip (Los Angeles) at

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Organizing and Executing a Fundraising Event/Dinner

See this link – – for an excellent breakdown of the how’s, what’s, who’s, and where of organizing a successful event. The following are some additional guidelines and considerations:

Create a Committee

This needs to be set up 1 year to 10 months before your event date. An event like this takes time, planning, and coordination of some professional services, depending on how fancy you want to make the fundraiser. This type of event is very scalable and can be done in many different ways and levels. Per some Areas who have been successful with this type of fundraiser, they have done it with as little as a 5 person initial organizing committee. However, it is easier on everyone if you can form a larger committee to delegate various elements of the event and prevent anyone burning out. One thing to remember, this gets easier as you go. The first event you organize can take the most time and effort as it may be unfamiliar territory. This does get easier to put together in subsequent years and will take less overall man-hours to organize as you repeat, even if (and it is suggested you do this) you change the themes and elements of your event each year. Get a large enough committee (and some brothers with know-how, familiarity, and juice, to delegate different elements of the event so no one is overwhelmed. Decide the level of support your committee needs and ask your community and brothers for that support, creating smaller elements that are overseen by committee members. This is a great way to bring brothers together in community and Mission, creating something with the sum of their parts and roles. Creating spreadsheets and tracking tools can go a long way in assisting your organizing and knowing where each element’s progress is as you move forward. It is suggested the committee meet at least once a month for a first time ever event, then gauge the frequency of meeting for subsequent events as your community gets more familiar with planning and execution.


Find a space that is the right size, atmosphere for the type of event you are organizing. This can be donated space through a Warrior Brother or other, but it is often necessary to budget and RESERVE renting a space that has all the elements you need.

    • Caterer – Are you having food/drink? This can be as grass roots as a potluck, chili cook-off, or other participant driven provision. Budgeting and RESERVING a caterer can bring a higher end element to your event and take much of the organizing and implementing of food (including clean up) off your Area’s plate. Some Areas have themed their catering to reflect Mission – like using healthy themed foods like smoothies, or vegetarian/vegan, or even cultural or world food themes from different parts of the world.
    • Sound System/Entertainment – Are you making announcements? Giving Awards? Holding a Live Auction during your event?
    • Decorations – What atmosphere are you creating? Simple and Fun? Or High End Banquet and Fun? How much do you need to do to enhance the space you’ve chosen to reflect MKP and Mission as a worthy cause to Fund?
  • Equipment/Supplies – This will depend on the first two elements above. Does the space have all the tables and chairs you need? Is the Caterer providing his own serving and cooking equipment, dishware and utensils for you guests, table are table centerpieces in order? Party Rental businesses can take care of many of these needs for you, but it is wise to research the cost and budget for it, and RESERVE the things you’ll need in advance.

Ideas for raising Money from your Event:

    • Ticket Sales – It is suggested to have men at the door to check-in guests and sell tickets to last minute guests. Having some card readers for smartphones will allow men to process ticket sales at the event and also process other payments – for instance if you run a Live or Silent Auction (available for free from places like Paypal, Square-, Intuit-, and others).
    • Silent Auction – Get products and services donated through local businesses and Warrior Brothers (amusement parks, zoos, and other entertainment based business are often happy to donate free passes, perhaps some brothers have a hobby creating art or products you did not know about, for example).  You can also connect these offerings with Mission in many cases and it allows everyone to get to know other aspects of their Warrior Brothers through their donations. As mentioned above, having credit card readers for smartphones allows you to process payments on site and everyone can leave the event with their “prize” that night, all paid for. This can save the added step of tracking down winners and getting payment. It is good to get information on the actual value of each product/service being offered to help people understand the value of what they are bidding on.
    • Live Auction – This would require an Auctioneer (a personable and entertaining Warrior Brother?). Again, gathering products and services from local businesses and Warrior Brothers on donation. You could use some of the higher end or more desirable products or services you gather for the silent auction for a Live Auction segment of the evening. Expensive bottles of wine, electronics, unusual, or fun services (a canoeing or kayaking adventure, dinner for two at a local restaurant) are some suggestions.

  • 50/50 Raffle – 50/50 Raffles can be an easy and quick way to raise some funds. Sell raffle tickets for whatever amount you choose (.50, $1, $2) and put 50 percent into a pot for the winner. The other half goes to MKP. You can also use a high end product of service as the prize, or extra prizes for runners-up. This is scalable and fueled by your creative ideas.

More Ideas to make your event Fun and have people looking forward to next year:

    • Awards Ceremony – Areas will sometimes roll their awards ceremonies into the evening, honoring brothers in the community who have donated time and energy to the MKP community and the community at large. Keeping it respectful and in good taste, you could think of some Fun, Joking, or Entertaining Categories as well.  Also, inviting men and women from outside the MKP community (politicians, the mayor, local celebrities, community leaders, artists, etc) who you may feel are living their Mission and award their contribution to the community and their sense of Mission, can help bring in more guests from outside the MKP community and showcase MKP to your local community at large. Do some research on who’s doing great work behind the scenes with their notoriety and who might be that silent hero making the world a safer and better place for us all.
  • Children’s Activities and Fun Community-based Activities – Are you encouraging the event for the whole family, or is it more high-end adult oriented? If you are encouraging everyone to bring the kids, you can consider having a Kid’s Coordinator on the committee to plan a fun event or two at your event. Things like an Art table or craft projects, sing-a-longs, creating thank you cards, or a drum circle, which can include everyone. There may be music stores, a Remo drum store or outlet near you that can provide drums and a drum circle facilitator to guide the Fun if you don’t have a brother in the community who can help with this. Be Creative and have Fun with this part! Ask your kids for ideas as well as tap into other kid’s event planners at local boys and girls clubs, schools, and community services. This may be a way to partner with another manufacturer (like Remo or Art supply house) or community service provider for exposure who would be willing to donate time, services, and products for the event.

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Staffing a Concession Stand at a larger event

This may take 4-5 men donating their time for an evening. Research medium to large venues in your Area (google search your prominent venues as a good start). Places where your professional sports teams play, medium to large concerts are held, special events like Golf Tournaments, etc. In some urban Areas, there may be several of these venues.

How it Works:

Visit the venue website and research the name of the Concessions/Catering Company that runs/oversees the Concessions for that venue. If necessary, contact the venue to get contact information. These companies often have programs in place that allow for a non-profit group to staff one of their concession stands for a split of what is sold that evening (per other Areas, usually somewhere around 8% of the night’s sales or .30 per item sold). All products and space is provided by the concessions. All that is required is men to staff.

MKP Contact man – David Katz (Metro NY Area) at

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Raffle a Harley Davidson (or other recreational vehicle, even a car)

This can generate $10k to $20k for your Area (based on a Harley Davidson motorcycle), depending on the type of vehicle you choose to raffle.

How it Works:

State law governs the raffle. You have to take a look at the laws in the jurisdiction where the organization is legally organized. For example, in California the local Area had to register with the state Attorney General’s office and pay a $20 fee. Upon approval, they will receive a letter confirming registration that includes a raffle permit number and expiration date. The Area must also send in a NonProfit Raffle Report for all raffles held during the registration year, which runs from September 1 – August 31.

Figure out the type of vehicle or fun machine you think would go over the best in your area (warmer areas might raffle a motorcycle, colder areas a high end snowmobile, other areas perhaps a car or an RV motorhome or trailer). Price the cost of the model you are going to offer in your raffle. You don’t necessarily have to purchase the actual vehicle up front (though it may be helpful in showing it at events and putting it on display). Just know your costs up front (within a close range) as this will give you an idea of how many tickets you will offer and at what price.

For example, a Harley Davidson motorcycle ranges in cost somewhere in the low $16,000 to low $20,000 range and more (depending on the model you choose). Based on this price range, Areas are selling 400 tickets at $100 per ticket for a Harley Davidson Raffle (or 1,000 tickets at $40 each). Raffle tickets cost about .10 cents each. This can net the Area $10k to $20k by end of raffle. You can also offer 2nd and 3rd places prices of $1,500 and $750 (cash, gas cards or gift cards).

This is a great community outreach tool! You will need to sell tickets outside the immediate MKP community to be successful. Enlist Warrior Brothers who (in the case of a motorcycle) ride regularly, belong to a club or riding group. Find community events and local motorcycle clubs (or other clubs/groups associated with the vehicle you are raffling) to promote your raffle. Use these promotions as outreach opportunities to let men know about your MKP Community and Mission.

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