Board Members;

Darryl Hansome (Chair); Paul Samuelson (Active as Immediate Past Chair); Lonnie Hamilton (Chair Elect); Deb Mauger (Secretary); Jerry Hamilton (Treasurer); David McLean (At-Large); Richard Grehalva (At-Large); Becky Schupbach (At-Large); Eliot Bolan (At-Large); Stephán McKenzie (At-Large); David McLean (At-Large); David Kaar *on Sabbatical* (Founders’ Circle of Honor Member); Rich Tosi (Founders’ Circle of Honor Member, Founding President);

Non-Voting Members and Guests : Bill Kauth (Founding Visionary); Jon Levitt (Development Director, Representative to the International Circle of Brother Regions, Facilitator); Dan Baldwin (Core Circle Leadership Lead); Boysen Hodgson (Communications Director)

Chair – Darryl Bowens Hansome

After attending the New Warrior Training Adventure initiation, Darryl Hansome cofounded a vision he had held for a helpline for LGBTQ youth (Youth Outright). Youth Outright has become an organization that does educational outreach in schools and provides peer groups for youth, preventing suicides in the process. 

Darryl says, “The life altering work that I do on myself enables me to have a life altering impact on others.”


FAMILY: Single, Siblings
Retired / Hospice Volunteer / BigBrother, BigSister Volunteer
New York State Police / Trooper / 1983-2001
Military-USMC / Gunnery Sergeant / 1974-1987
Air National Guard / USAF / Major / 1987-2002
A.A.S.Electrical Technology, B.A.Liberal Arts
CURRENT COMMUNITY: Greater Carolinas

Chair Elect – Lonnie Hamilton

Lonnie Hamilton completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in Los Angeles 2002. He has been a Co-Headman of the Lodge Keepers Society International (LKSI) and the Lodgekeeper Society in the US. Lonnie has served as Shadow Chair on the MKP International Council, Chair of Ethics and Right Relationship, ten years on Risk Management, eight years on LKSI Headman’s council and four years as MKP-LA LKS Headman. He has also served on the MKP-USA Lead Organizational Circle. He has served as a Board of Director member in two organizations, a 501c3 institution and a property management corporation.

Lonnie was born in Oklahoma, lived in Los Angeles for 34 years before returning home to his Grandfather’s original allotment land in Muscogee-Creek territory where he resides to this day.

Lonnie says “Since returning home I have immersed himself in the traditions of his Muscogee people (Mvskokulke) in spiritual practices as well as traditional crafting of bows as taught by the Cvkotakse Haya (Bow Man or Bow Master) committing to continue those traditions by sharing with others as his mentors have asked.”

Lonnie has three sons and a daughter, two grandchildren and another arriving in August, 2022.
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Lonnie has owned and operated a Production company and served many Fortune 100 companies in the capacity of Technical Director, Producer and Director of videos and live events for over 35 years.
EDUCATION: High School Tulsa, Oklahoma. UCLA extension courses and many self directed avenues of learning.

Seated Past Chair – Paul Samuelson

Paul Samuelson served as Chair of the ManKind Project USA in 2019 and 2020. He currently is seated as the Immediate Past Chair.

Paul Samuelson has been in service his whole life. His skills and knowledge have been grown and shaped through various community service experiences ranging from Youth Groups to Board Member and Chair of a school board and several non-profits to City Council member and Mayor of a small town. His expertise and visionary business capabilities have been honed from a lifetime of being self-employed as well as developing and managing real estate.

Paul has been deeply involved with men throughout his whole career as a Barber. He became involved with the MKP organization in 2013, when his experience with the NWTA profoundly deepened his relationship with himself and others. Since then, his MKP service has included: NW Area I-Group Coordinator; I-Group Chair for MKP USA; Curriculum Chair for MKP USA; and Chair for MKP USA.

Paul honors his deep connection to nature by living in two beautiful rural areas, Whidbey Island, WA and Borrego Springs, CA. with his wife, Karen. He is very close to his family, four kids and their spouses, and his adorable 7 grandchildren who remind him on a regular basis to play and be joyful.

Wife, Karen, Married 30+ years; 4 Children, 7 Grandkids
CURRENT CITY: Langley, WA – Whidbey Island
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Self-Employed, Elected Official
EDUCATION: School of Hard Knocks

Treasurer – Jerry Hamilton

Jerry completed his New Warrior Training Adventure in September of 2000 in the Philadelphia Community. Jerry is Facilitator for the Men’s Work Introduction 3 week course, and a Co-Leader Candidate for the New Warrior Training Adventure in The Mankind Project. He lives in a suburb of Philadelphia with his wife and 2 sons.

FAMILY: Married, 2 Sons
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Senior Underwriter
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Real Estate Financing
EDUCATION: Seton Hall University MBA

At-Large Member – David McLean

David joined an I-Group in 2014, and In May 2015 initiated at Camp WaRiKi. David has served in the Community Circle as a rep for Elders, then joined the Lead Operations Circle as a representative, and joined the 2050 Listening and Strategy Project as a Co-Lead where he co-authored the MKP USA Phase 1 strategy report. David has been a co-architect of “The Path” for MKP USA as a result of that work. David also sits as the MKP USA Curriculum Circle Lead. David likes to say that he tends to walk around the project simply asking, “is there anything around here a man shouldn’t do?”

Professionally, David has worked with start ups, manufacturing, and technology companies large and small, and has worked in Europe and Asia Pacific extensively.  David spends time volunteering outside of MKP USA with Burning Man as a “Ranger” specializing in non-confrontational mediation, and acting as a diving interpreter “DiverDave” at the Seattle Aquarium. 

David is semi-retired and lives in Kenmore, Washington, with his wife of 34 years Kathy. He has two adult children – Erin and Derek. 


FAMILY: Married, 2 Children
CURRENT CITY: Kenmore, Washington
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Entrepreneur, Business Start-Ups
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Microsoft, Amazon
EDUCATION: BS, UCSD, MBA Technology Management, University of Phoenix

At-Large Member Becky Schupbach

Becky Schupbach completed her first Shadow Work weekend in 1998. She is a Facilitator and active in the Woman Within community, a Certified Facilitator of Shadow Work Seminars and a Shadow Work Coach, a Facilitator of MKP USA’s Unpacking Power, Privilege and Difference Online Course, a Shadow Work Facilitator for the Priestess Path, and the US Executive Director for the Women In Power Program. Becky serves on the Woman Within International Diversity and Inclusion Committee. She has been a practicing attorney for 40 years. She is the mother of two adult children and one step daughter, married to warrior brother Jeff Baugher (Bedrock, 1995) and lives in Louisville, KY.  Becky is the first woman elected to the MKP USA Board as a voting member.

Becky says, “I learned about personal growth work through my husband Jeff Baugher, who did his NWTA weekend before we married. Together, we began to explore Shadow Work and became Shadow Work facilitators. I later did the Woman Within weekend and became a WW facilitator. Through my work in Shadow Work, Women In Power and Woman Within, I have experienced the depth of positive change that can come from honest and courageous self-exploration and the commitment to exploring and embracing my own Shadows. I also receive the gift of strong and honest relationships with people who are similarly committed to doing their own work. As a facilitator, I seek to help others grow and change.”

FAMILY: Married to Jeff Baugher for 25 years; two adult children (Steve Driesler and Amy Driesler) and one adult stepdaughter (Mehera Baugher)
CURRENT CITY: Louisville, KY
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Attorney/partner/member of Napier Gault Schuobach & Stephens, PLC (2013-present)
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Attorney/partner of Wyatt Tarrant & Combs (2005-2013); attorney with Stites & Harbison (1981-1986; 1991-2013); attorney with Brown-Forman Corporation (1986-1991)
EDUCATION: JD, University of Kentucky (1981); BA, University of Kentucky (1973)

At-Large Member – Stephán McKenzie

Stephán McKenzie completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in Los Angeles, 2012. He is an NWTA Certified Co-Leader since 2019, has served on the Board of Trustees Boys To Men USA, and as an Area Steward in Los Angeles. Stephán is a Co-Creator and Facilitator of MKP USA’s the Men’s Work: Living Through Disruption, and of the Ask and Tell Coaching program for GBTQ+ men. He is a filmmaker, writer, director, coach, poet and artist; and resides in Hawaii.

Stephan says, “Taking the red pill & going deeper down the rabbit hole has been some of the most courageous, frightful & empowering work I’ve done in my life. It’s why I look & not turn away. Why I continue when it hurts. And why I know it’s now about what I leave behind but what I do right now that will make the difference.”

FAMILY: Proud Uncle
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: A lil’ bit of everything
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Entrepreneur / Program Manager
EDUCATION: College Graduate

At-Large Member – Richard Grehalva

Rich Grehalva completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in 1990. He is the son of Greywolf, an elder and medicine man; Little Flower’s maternal grandmother’s grandson. He is an Elder and member of Shiishongna Tongva Nation – Corona Band Of Gabrielino Indians, where he is known as Ashaawt Hunwut (Eagle Bear). Rich is a Transformational Leadership Coach and an author of four books on personal development and business. He has led over 85 NWTAs since 1994. Rich worked closely with New Warrior Co-founder Ron Hering on personal development programs. Rich has been married for 39 years, father of a daughter, two sons, and three grandsons and is a cancer survivor, and lives in Birmingham, AL.  

Rich says, “As a result of having done the NWTA and becoming a certified leader I had an opportunity to be a facilitator for the Inside CIrcle at Folsom Prison. At the very end each of us had to go to the center of the circle so they could tell us what it was like for them. The man I had worked with said this “Rich, tell the men out there that you work with is if I had just one positive male role model in my life I might not have ended up here.” I know this place growing up and this is one of the major reasons I do this work.”

FAMILY: Wende, wife Michelle O’Leary daughter, Richard Jr. son, Sean son
CURRENT CITY: Birmingham, Al
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Rich Grehalva International Inc.
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Rich Grehalva International Inc.
EDUCATION: Some college

At-Large Member – Eliot Bolan

Eliot Bolan completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in New England 1993. He has served in Elder Chair roles from 2019 to 2021. He is a retired research scientist, corporate executive and business owner.  Eliot has served as a volunteer in cancer research for over 30 years, first in Boston and then in Seattle, where he now lives. He has four children and five grandchildren. He created and co-chairs the Elder Leadership Workshop..  

Eliot says, “It has dramatically changed my life and motivated me to both support Elders in MKP and serve on the MKP Board of Directors.”

FAMILY: Partner – Susan Korn; Sons – Marc, Geoff, Step-Childre, Rebecca, Josh; Grandchildren, Eli, Ella, Ben, Caleb, Nathan
EDUCATION: BS Chemistry, MS-Organic Chemistry, MBA- Business

Secretary – Deb Mauger

Deb says, “I believe MKP is one of the solutions to creating a world of respect and compassion for all people and living beings.” She is a long-time participant in personal development work. 

FAMILY: Married
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Financial Management Positions, Elected Official
EDUCATION: BS Psychology, CFP training

Representative to the International Circle of Brother Regions
Jon Levitt (MKP USA Development Director)


For my first several years in the ManKind Project, my work helped me become a better partner, friend and gave me the support I needed to heal old wounds and discover my mission of service. Since then it has continued to encourage and support my growth as a leader and mentor, empowering others to their mission.

FAMILY: Married Father of Two
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Chief Strategy Officer at Brainworks, Partner at the BetterManMovement, Managing Member of JSA Business Development
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Merrill Lynch 1997-2007
EDUCATION: Rutgers University / Former Registered Principal Securities Industry

Founders’ Circle of Honor Representative / Founding President – Rich Tosi

“As a co-founder, MKP has profoundly impacted my life. It has become the focus of my life.” 

Rich Tosi is one of the co-creators of the New Warrior Training Adventure and co-founder of the Mankind Project. Over the past 30+ years, over 65,000 men have gone through this training. As one of the three founders, Rich has changed and influenced a lot of men’s lives for the better. Rich has had a military career, and then a corporate career as an engineer at GM and he does couples work with his wife Char. 

FAMILY: Married 44+ years to Char Tosi. Two sons, Tony and David plus 4 precious grand children
PAST EMPLOYMENT: General Motors – 20 years, Senior Industrial Engineer
Marine Corps – 10 years, Captain, combat decorated
EDUCATION: BA in Chemistry/math minor

Founding Visionary – Bill Kauth

Bill Kauth was working as a psychotherapist and business consultant in 1984 when he conceived and co-founded the New Warrior Training Adventure. It has now served over 75,000 men through The ManKind Project with training centers in 14 Regions around the world.

In 1992 St. Martin’s Press published his book A Circle of Men: The Original Manual for Men’s Support Groups (reissued in 2015). As a social inventor over the last two decades, Bill also co-founded the Inner King Training and in 1995 launched the Warrior-Monk Training Retreat. In 2011, with his wife Zoe Alowan, he published “We Need Each Other: Building Gift Community.”  In his role as “Visionary-at-large” with MKP, Bill studies the state of the world seeing the need for local tribes and fraternal lodges.

FAMILY: Married to Zoe Alowan
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Therapist, Trainer
EDUCATION: BS – St. Norbert College, MS – University of Wisconsin; Milwaukee

Founders’ Circle of Honor Member – David Richard Kaar (On Sabbatical)

The New Warrior Training open me up to experience joy and love. I have continued to do this work in several ways. I co-founded the Minnesota community (now Central Plains), I was one of six men who founded the New Warrior Network & Board. I have led trainings for 25 years and have served almost continually at the project level. Why? John Crier, a Cree of Red Deer, in Alberta says that “the indigenation of humanity is the hope of the world”. I do this work to help us find what we have lost in modern culture and to heal us of our trauma.”

FAMILY: 30 year committed relationship, divorced, 3 children, 5 grandchildren
CURRENT CITY: Minneapolis, MN
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Retired, Principal of Paeon Partners (consulting & coaching, currently dormant)
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Proplate, Physicist – product development 2 years. 3M, R & D, 19 years
EDUCATION: B.S. Materials Science, M.S. Physics both from University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana