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Board Members; 

Bryan Harold (Chair); Paul Samuelson (Immediate Past Chair); Darryl Hansome (Chair Elect); Ed Gurowitz (Secretary); Neal Gritz (Treasurer); Rich Tosi (Founding President); Bill Kauth (Visionary); Non-Voting Members: Deb Mauger (Finance Director); Jon Levitt (Organizational Development Lead); Richard Torres (Operations Lead)

Chair – Bryan Harold


Bryan Harold completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in 2010, with the perfect storm of a divorce, coming out as a gay man, and retiring from a long career at IBM, facing “what’s next.”

Bryan says, “MKP provided the support, and accountability to explore myself, my past, and develop a plan for the future. In addition, MKP has enriched me with multiple opportunities to grow, as the CTX Treasurer pre-unification, the CTX Community Steward, the SCA Area Steward, various Elder roles, including White Bison Elders, and the opportunity to serve as the chairman of MKPUSA.”

FAMILY: Divorced, 3 Adult children
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: CEO, Harold Technology Group, LLC
PAST EMPLOYMENT: CIO, University of Texas 2010-2012
Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM, 1980-2010
EDUCATION: B.S./M.S. Computer Science
CURRENT COMMUNITY: Heartland Area, Topeka Community

Immediate Past Chair – Paul Samuelson

Paul Samuelson has been in service most of his life. His knowledge has been shaped through various community service experiences ranging from Youth Groups to Board Member and Chair of a school board and several non-profits to City Council member and Mayor of a small town. His expertise in business have been honed from a lifetime of being self-employed as well as developing and managing real estate.
Paul has been deeply involved with men through his career as a Barber. He became involved with the MKP organization in 2013, when his experience with the NWTA profoundly deepened his relationship with himself and others. Since then, his MKP service has included: NW Area I-Group Coordinator; I-Group Chair for MKP USA; Curriculum Chair for MKP USA; and currently Chair for MKP USA.
Paul and his wife Karen split their time between two beautiful and natural communities, Whidbey Island, WA and Borrego Springs, CA. They are very close to their four kids and their spouses, and their adorable 7 grandchildren who remind Paul on a regular basis to play and be joyful.


Wife Karen, married for 30 years; 4 children and spouses; 7 grandchildren
CURRENT CITY: Langley, Whidbey Island, WA
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Self-Employed, Public Servant, School Board Member
EDUCATION: School of Hard Knocks

Chair Elect – Darryl Bowens Hansome

After attending the New Warrior Training Adventure initiation, Darryl Hansome cofounded a vision he had held for a helpline for LGBTQ youth (Youth Outright). Youth Outright has become an organization that does educational outreach in schools and provides peer groups for youth, preventing suicides in the process. 

Darryl says, “The life altering work that I do on myself enables me to have a life altering impact on others.”

FAMILY: Single, Siblings
Retired / Hospice Volunteer / BigBrother, BigSister Volunteer
Military-USMC/Gunnery Sergeant/1974-1987 AirNationalGuard/USAF/Major/1987-2002
A.A.S.Electrical Technology, B.A.Liberal Arts
CURRENT COMMUNITY: Greater Carolinas

Treasurer – Neal Gritz

Neal did the New Warrior Training Adventure in 2009. After staffing he knew MKP was a game changer. He’s now staffed 27 times and is a Co-Leader Candidate.

Neal says, “Who I am now is far and away different than who I was before the weekend. MKP is one of the three paths that has moved my needle more than any other endeavor. I’ve contributed to my community by being on Leader Body, Financial Coordinator in Central Plains for three years and very active in my community.”

FAMILY: Married 42 years, 2 kids and 2 grandkids on the east coast. We visited often pre Corona
PAST EMPLOYMENT: 40 year veteran of the Insurance Industry. Property and Casualty Insurance Agency Owner
EDUCATION: Graduated Penn State 1972 BS Biology – I am also a teacher of Transcendental Meditation

Secretary – Ed Gurowitz, PhD

Ed Gurowitz is a Psychologist by training – whose career began in brain research, and segued to clinical psychology (psychotherapy) and then to organizational psychology. He began consulting to organizations in 1980, spent 10 years as an est/Landmark Forum trainer from 1981 to 1991 and then resumed practice as a consultant, trainer and coach, which continues to this day. His current work centers on changing the global game in the direction of inclusionary leadership through gender partnership, environmental sustainability, and the shift from pure profit to “for benefit” as the guiding principle of business. Ed came to MKP late in his life’s journey at the behest of his business partner, Ray Arata. In MKP, he discovered the possibility of mature masculinity and the magic that is there when men sit in circle.

FAMILY: Married Father of 4
CURRENT CITY: Incline Village, NV
CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Consultant, Partner Gender Leadership Group
PAST EMPLOYMENT: Clinical Psychologist, Trainer, Consultant
EDUCATION: B.A. Psychology Cornell University, PhD Psychology University of Rochester
CURRENT COMMUNITY: Northern California


Rich Tosi Founding President

“As a co-founder, MKP has profoundly impacted my life. It has become the focus of my life.” Rich Tosi is one of the co-creators of the New Warrior Training Adventure and co-founder of the Mankind Project. Over the past 30+ years, over 65,000 men have gone through this training. As one of the three founders, Rich has changed and influenced a lot of men’s lives for the better. Rich has had a military career, and then a corporate career as an engineer at GM and he does couples work with his wife Char. 

FAMILY: Married 44 years to Char Tosi. Two sons, Tony and David plus 4 precious grand children
PAST EMPLOYMENT: General Motors – 20 years, senior industral engineer
Marine Corps – 10 year, Captain, combat decorated
EDUCATION: BA in Chemistry/math minor

Bill Kauth Visionary

Bill Kauth was working as a psychotherapist and business consultant in 1984 when he conceived and co-founded the New Warrior Training Adventure. It has now served over 65,000 men through The ManKind Project with training centers in 12 countries around the world. In 1992 St. Martin’s Press published his book A Circle of Men: The Original Manual for Men’s Support Groups (reissued in 2015). As a social inventor over the last two decades, Bill also co-founded the Inner King Training and in 1995 launched the Warrior-Monk Training Retreat. In his role as “Visionary-at-large” with MKP, Bill studies the state of the world seeing the need for local tribes and fraternal lodges.

PAST EMPLOYMENT: Therapist, Trainer