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MKP USA Broadcast Subscriptions
Make changes to your preferences for the three major ManKind Project Broadcast Lists and our regular Newsletters. You can come back to this page at any time to change your subscription preferences. 

MKP USA Broadcast

1-3 emails per week - ManKind Project International and MKP USA Brotherhood Announcements.


MKP Event Promotion

1 email per week - Summary list of NWTA Staff Opportunities, Leadership Trainings, Sponsored Events, and Network Promotions.


MKP Network Promotion

1-3 emails per week - Paid Advertising for events, trainings, and programs likely to interest to New Warriors and MKP Supporters.


Check In! Newsletter

Quarterly Information and inspiration from the ManKind Project USA monthly newsletter.


On Purpose Newsletter

2 emails per month – Purpose News and inspiration from the MKP USA. Curated by Dave Klaus.


Elder Pathways Newsletter

1 email per month – Connect. Inform. Inspire. From the Elder Council