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When to refer a man to the New Warrior Training Adventure

“It’s the most important men’s work occurring in the U.S., and perhaps in the world, today.”
~ Ken Druck, Ph.D., Author; Real Rules of Life: Balancing Life’s Terms with Your Own

Hundreds of men every year are referred to the New Warrior Training Adventure by licensed mental health professionals as part of their existing therapeutic relationships.

The New Warrior Training Adventure is a unique opportunity for profound personal growth. Men come seeking support with issues of confidence and self-assurance, manhood and masculinity, isolation, marriage and relationship issues, negative self talk, lack of positive male role models, difficulty finding direction, confronting the past, learning to set boundaries, accountability, male shame … and much more. Each man’s experience of the New Warrior Training Adventure is unique to his needs in whatever life transition he is encountering.

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MKP has personally taught me more about how to step into mature masculinity than any other single influence in my life. That is a big admission for a psychologist to make.
~ Dr. David Gruder, Author; The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World

Once more, I recently saw the life-transforming signs of a male client of mine who finally decided to take on the risk, face his fears head on, attend a NWTA weekend, and start feeling again. It is thanks to weekends like these that “guys” take the first steps to become “new and better men” with their children, with women, and with other men. MKP is doing great work!
~ Juan Carlos Silva, PhD

The truth is, I was afraid of this training. Even though I’ve written about men and worked with men for many years, the fact is — as I discovered on the Weekend — I didn’t really trust men. I’m glad I overcame my fear. This was the most powerful training I’ve ever done, and the changes it started in me have been both deep and positive.
~ Mark Gerzon, Author; Leading Through Conflict, Founder and President, Mediators Foundation

Bill Kauth, one of the three creators of the New Warrior Training Adventure, Co-author of “We Need Each Other: Building a Gift Community,” provides a concise explanation of how a therapist can utilize the New Warrior Training Adventure.

“The therapist… can track their clients closely, and at the precise point when they are ready and open to have a truly transformational experience, to embrace emotional literacy, and trust other people at a level they’ve never imagined … the therapist simply sends them to the New Warrior Training and then works with them when they get back, to integrate that into their lives.”

Read the recommendations below, view the videos, and sign up to receive an exclusive four page introduction to the ManKind Project which includes a referral guide for therapists..

Additional Testimonials from Counseling Professionals

Because of my book, I work daily with emotionally unavailable men, and I, literally, have sent hundreds of men to the NWTA. Why? Because, quite frankly, it makes my job easier. It is a fast and safe way to break through to a man’s walled-off heart, and to soften his resistance to doing emotional work.
I also send men to this program because the response I have received from my clients who have gone through it has been overwhelmingly positive. They become better partners, better parents, better men.
I think we have done a great job of empowering women in America, but that is not enough. We MUST heal men to heal the world.
~ Patti Henry, M.Ed., L.P.C., Author; The Emotionally Unavailable Man: A Blueprint for Healing

I was in need of healing around the wounding I experienced from straight males for being gay throughout my childhood. I never felt so loved and respected by heterosexual men as I have in the MKP circles. Bringing all men together—gay, straight and bisexual—is a great healing for everyone. The work involved in the MKP is done professionally and with the highest level of integrity I have ever experienced and witnessed.
~ Joe Kort, MSW, PhD, Author; Gay Affirmative Therapy for the Straight Clinician

On the weekend I found a degree of clarity and emotional authenticity than I had never experienced before. It was a huge breakthrough for me and my life has been forever changed for the better; in my marriage, my personal relationships, my fatherhood, and my career.
This world needs fiercely generative, emotionally intelligent, loving men; committed and conscious partners, fathers, citizens, and MKP grows and empowers just such men.
~ Scott W. – MA, LPC

As a result of what I have learned in MKP and what I’ve experienced (since 1995!), I’m a better father, husband, son, therapist / counselor, teacher, brother, and any other role I play. I can specifically relate my improvement to things I have learned or the support I get from my brothers in MKP. They have an experiential retreat/training weekend that continues to be the most incredible weekend experience I’ve ever had. MKP is a tremendous adjunct to therapy and 12-step groups. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
~ Ron Nevelow, LCSW

From: “10 Tips For Mothers of Troubled Teenage Sons” – Direct them toward strong men: There is a group of men who have willingly and very seriously shouldered the task of ushering the young males of today into the manhood of tomorrow. This is a group of men that all boys and men should be exposed to. I mean that without qualification. This is a group of men, dedicated to creating and supporting an environment for deep, honest and necessary male exploration. Here is a link that should be explored by any adult that would like to provide optimal conditions for a young male to become a man: The ManKind Project West Coast British Columbia.
~ Aaron McNaught, RPN / CHT