Discover the realities behind the composed and stoic exterior that men often present. Ashanti Branch, the leader of the EverForward Club, joins us to discuss the complexities of masculinity and how the masks we wear can hide our deepest emotions. Together, we explore the challenges of manhood, the impact of unspoken grief, and the importance of vulnerability.

Our conversation explores the experiences of young men, uncovering the hidden burdens they carry. We introduce a mask exercise highlighting the fears and insecurities often kept out of sight. Our discussion provides an insightful look at the societal pressures on men to appear in control and offers strategies to promote a culture of openness and emotional well-being.

As we wrap up, we address men’s mental health, emphasizing the importance of brotherhood and the simple act of asking, “Are you okay?” We highlight the varied expressions of modern manhood and the need for emotional connection among men. This episode invites you to join us in redefining masculinity and supporting a future where men can express their full range of emotions.

Ashanti Branch

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