In this week’s episode of the Mankind Podcast, Boysen Hodgson hosts Mish Middelmann for a compelling discussion on masculinity, health, and personal transformation. Mish, a leader in coaching and a prostate cancer survivor, shares his journey from diagnosis to creating a global peer support movement for men dealing with prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction. The episode dives into the nuances of redefining manhood, the impact of systemic biases, and the importance of vulnerability and open communication in relationships.

Mish emphasizes the need for men to embrace flexibility in their identities, moving beyond traditional notions of masculinity. He shares personal anecdotes, including how he and his wife navigated their own sexual relationship challenges with the help of a relationship coach, highlighting the importance of discussing “undiscussables” to strengthen bonds.

Listeners can learn more about Mish’s initiatives, including his website, which offers support groups and coaching for men and couples. His professional coaching services are available at

For a deeper understanding of Mish’s work and philosophies on masculinity and health, tune in to this insightful episode that promises to challenge and inspire.

Keywords: men’s health, prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, peer support, early detection, emotional support, sexual relationships, communication, prostate cancer, grief, loss, integrated healthcare, masculinity, flexibility, vulnerability


  • There is a lack of support and resources available for men dealing with the physical and emotional effects of prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction.
  • Creating a safe space for men to share their stories and find support is essential for their mental well-being.
  • Open and honest conversations about men’s health are necessary to break down stigmas and provide better support for men. Open communication and seeking help are crucial in navigating changes in sexual relationships.
  • Grief and loss are common experiences when dealing with changes in sexual function.
  • Integrated healthcare that addresses the emotional and sexual aspects of men’s health is needed.
  • Men should redefine masculinity and embrace flexibility and vulnerability.

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