In this conversation, the participants discuss their experiences and perspectives on fatherhood. They explore the challenges and joys of being a father, particularly in the absence of a paternal father figure. 

The conversation touches on topics such as building self-awareness, unlearning negative patterns, creating traditions, and the importance of doing personal work as a father. The participants also share their own journeys and the impact of their upbringing on their approach to fatherhood. 

The conversation in this part focuses on the challenges and experiences of non-custodial fathers and the impact of the family court system. The participants discuss the importance of staying connected to their children, the labels and stereotypes associated with non-custodial fathers, and the need for reform in the family court system. 

They also highlight the role of self-love and personal growth in being a better father. The conversation ends with a reflection on the positive influence of the Mankind Project and men’s groups in their journey as fathers. In this conversation, the participants discuss the importance of men’s groups and the role they play in fatherhood. 

They share personal experiences and insights on how being part of a men’s group has helped them become better fathers. They emphasize the need for men to show up and be present for their children, to be a safe place for them to rest, and to nurture their dreams. The participants also highlight the significance of father energy and the impact it can have on the next generation. They encourage men to seek support from other men and to father themselves in order to heal and grow.

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