In this episode of the Mankind Podcast, hosted by Boysen Hodgson, the focus is on exploring diverse perspectives of masculinity through the lens of men’s work, parenting, and narrative therapy. The guest, Jason Frishman, a psychologist with over two decades of experience, brings a rich background in supporting individuals and groups in various settings, including offices, institutions, kitchens, and farmers’ markets. Frishman emphasizes the importance of uncovering and deconstructing personal stories to create meaningful and engaged lives.

The conversation delves into how men’s roles as nourishers and providers extend beyond traditional expectations. Frishman highlights the significance of food and cooking as profound acts of connection and nourishment. He shares his passion for creating meals, particularly discussing his experience with fermentation and making a unique pepper sauce that adds depth and richness to his dishes, metaphorically linking it to men’s work and personal growth.

Frishman also explains his approach to narrative therapy, which differs from traditional psychotherapies by focusing on the context and social environment of an individual’s struggles rather than internalizing problems. He believes that by changing the stories we tell about ourselves and others, we can significantly alter our realities and influence the world around us.

The episode explores the intersection of men’s work and narrative therapy, illustrating how reshaping personal narratives can foster deeper connections and personal development. Frishman’s insights on nourishment, both literal and metaphorical, underscore the potential for men to nurture and support those around them, enriching their own lives in the process.

Keywords: Masculinity, Men’s work, Narrative therapy, Personal growth, Deconstructing stories, Jason Frishman, Nourishment, Fathering, Dads, Redefining manhood, Hero’s journey, Psychotherapy, Fermentation, Emotional health, Mythopoetic men’s work, Social activism

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