ALL IN! MKP USA Circle of Men Campaign

MKP USA “All In!” Campaign

Across the United States our circles of men are going all in!


The All In! Membership Campaign is a way of thanking our Membership for building strong circles of men who are blazing the trail for a new kind of manhood across the United States. We believe there are enough men out there with the courage, tenacity, and heart to make a real difference. We believe the problems we face as communities; violence, depression, addiction, inequity, social break-down, economic and ecological crisis, are powerfully impacted when men of service come together in emotionally mature and spiritually awakened action. And we believe men are at their best when they have circles to support them. We’re All In. Become an MKP USA Member here.

Don’t have a circle of men? Find one now. Email:

How does the All In Campaign it work?

Any I-Group that takes a simple set of actions – listed below – will be thanked with the exclusive “All In!” MKP USA circles of men tshirt.

We’re all in! What do we do now?

Collect your tshirt orders! These shirts are tagless tshirts – and have a slimmer fit than your average Gildan or Hanes Beefy T. Please consider this when you order your shirts.


How to get your I-Group ALL IN

If you need help … CALL ME – Dan Baldwin – (414) 216 3260

  1. The I-Group is up to date in MKPConnect (including active members of the I-Group) – (Find out how)

  2. Members of the I-Group have updated their contact info in MKPConnect. – (Find out how)

  3. The I-Group has pledged their support to building a strong local community.*
    The three core functions of supporting local community are:

    • Participate in Community Building Activities
    • Maintain and improve Circle & I-Group Support, Safety, and Facilitation
    • Support area NWTAs through invitation and participation
  4. Every Member of the I-Group is an MKPUSA Member.*

*The Fine Print:

There may be men on your I-Group – mailing list who no longer attend your I-Group for various reasons. We encourage your I-Group to invite them to become Members – to support the circle that has supported them. However, if you are unable to get a hold of them or they choose not to become a Member it will not prevent your group from receiving t-shirts, provided every man who regularly attends fulfills all steps. For purposes of the “ALL IN”  Campaign, we challenge you to be congruent.

In cases where men are a part of more than 1 I-Group we ask them to refrain from ordering multiple t-shirts.  

This campaign is also an opportunity to reach out to ALL the men on your I-Group list and make a connection.

Get the ALL IN Poster – CLICK HERE.2014Membership-All-In-flyer