An invitation to IGroups

I-Group Action in the World

The Idea:

Many I Groups around MKP have found that doing service work in their community is rewarding and a wonderful aid in bonding members together.

Some do a little something here and there – an occasional soup kitchen visit or staffing a local charity event.

Others make long term commitments to help out a local organization:

Two men in New Jersey have been visiting a local boy‟s home called Kilbarchan every month for 10 years. They play games with the boys, celebrate a holiday or what have you.

There’s an I Group in western Michigan that does a service project a month ranging from adopting a highway, raising money for a local Family Shelter and sponsoring two families for the holidays.

Imagine the joy the members of your I Group will feel by bringing love and energy in to your local community. For why else do we do the work we do in our I Groups?

Here‟s a suggested outline of steps to get the ball rolling.


o Research several simple, local service opportunities in your area. Something you can slot in to easily.
o Also, feel free to engage other members to do the same.
o Make sure dates are set well in advance, so there is time for men to plan, clear calendars etc. If you wait until the week before, participation is generally low
o Bring these ideas to your I Group during the business round
o Once a consensus has been made as to what the group will do, then make the arrangements
o If men are uncertain, get permission to simply pick something and then connect with the men via email with details
o Remind men along the way that this event is coming up.
o Announce to your community list what you are doing and invite them to join you.
o When the task is completed report to the community list as to how it went.
o Keep the ball rolling by offering and soliciting new ideas to the men for after they have completed the first task.

If you have any questions or would like to comment or report on Action in the World by your I Group or NWTA simply email the Mission Council at

Leave it better!

One of the things that we often say on site at the NWTA … ‘Let’s leave this place better than we found it.’ How are you and your Igroup engaging with the world to leave it better than you found it?

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